How to disable your birthday notifications on Facebook App | PC

How to disable your birthday notifications on Facebook App | PC

In this tutorial, I will show you how to restrict your friends from getting your birthday notification to them. So, that you can divide the people, who really wish you from the people who stick to Facebook.

You might have many friends on Facebook friends and you are also getting birthday notifications daily from your friends. This remainder really a great attachment to Facebook. As per that, most of the people wishing birthdays because of these notifications. You can check upcoming birthdays from it. Now, let’s get into the steps.

 ^ Steps to disable your birthday notifications to your FB friends and others.

On Facebook App,

Step 1): Firstly, you can go to Facebook App and open “Setting“.

Step2): Then, you can go to the “Privacy Settings“.

Step 3): Scroll to the bottom, and select “Who can see your birthday ?“.

Step 4):  Then,  you can see “Public“ already selected. Change it to “Only Me“.

Then onwards, none of your friends will be getting your birthday notifications to them on your birthday. If you feel doing this on the Facebook app is complicated, follow the below steps to do the same in a web browser like chrome.

On Chrome,

Step 1):  Open Facebook- Log in on your chrome browser. ( Generally, you won’t get Facebook account directly. You have to put log in with your proper credentials here).

Step 2): Then you can log in with your Facebook account and scroll totally bottom to the end on your news feed.

Step 3): Click on “Settings and Privacy“.

Step 4): Then Go to privacy which is second in the order and click on “Privacy Settings“.

Step 5): Go to your information and select “Who can see your birthday ?“. Change it to “Only Me“ as shown in the below-cropped screenshot.

Facebook data privacy turn off birthday notification

So, this is how can you stop your birthday notifications to your friends on Facebook.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you any queries or technical issues, comment below or else contact this email: .

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