How To Change AOL Password On iPhone?

How To Change AOL Password On iPhone

Nowadays, Malpractices are increasing rapidly at a fast rate. That makes it harder to secure the accounts. Continuously changing passwords helps to protect your accounts from harmful threats and hackers. AOL is also important for users and also needs protection. We have discussed that changing passwords during a short period benefits the accounts from harmful external threats. So, if you don’t know How to change your AOL password on your iPhone, this post will be beneficial for you. Here, we will discuss the step-by-step guide on changing the AOL password on your iPhone.

Sometimes the users are not able to change their account password. So, some circumstances are when you want to reset your account password but forget your password, or you have reached the maximum limit to change your password. Then, you have to call the AOL customer care service to change your account password.

Steps To Change Your AOL Password On iPhone

As a matter of fact, AOL is an email service provider. The steps below are easy to follow. Many users look for a straightforward method to change their password, but there isn’t one.

STEP1:- First of all, You can unlock your iPhone and launch the AOL application. You have to log in to your appropriate AOL account. A username/ registered email address and password are required to fill in there. You can click on the Next option here.

How to change AOL password on iPhone

STEP2:- The home page of the AOL application appears on your iPhone mobile screen. You can click on the AOL icon on the right-top corner of the screen.

AOL Mobile Icon

STEP3:- A pop-up box will appear on the page. Click on the Manage Account option just below your name/ email.

AOL Manage Accounts Option

STEP4:- A new page appears on the screen. Then, click on the ‘Account info’ below the username.

Account Info Option

STEP5:- Your account personal information appears on the page. Then, you will see the account security title. Below is the option ‘Security setting’ that will be available. Click on that option.

Security Settings

STEP6:- Account Access function appears. You can click on the ‘Change password button.

How to change AOL password on iPhone

STEP7:- Now, you have to create new passwords. Follow the tips given below to make the password more strong. Now, You can type your desired new password and then click on the continue button. The password will be changed successfully.

How to change AOL password on iPhone

How To Choose Strong AOL Password?

Long passwords are strong passwords that are not easy to crack, but they will be hectic to remember. The short password is a weak password which can be guessed easily. Here, we will discuss a few tips to form the password:-

1) Practice changing the password every 3 to 6 months.

2) You can put a symbol character like @,$, and ! in the password to make it difficult to crack.

3) In order to create a strong & valid password, you can use terms in both capital and lowercase here.

4) Use the sentence which you can remember and also put space between them.

5) You can write your password in some private tabs or windows. If you forget your password, you can look into them.

6) AOL need at least eight letters while making passwords, so try to add uppercase, lowercase, space symbols and number to make a strong password.

The two-step verification will make the site more securable. While writing your passwords, you have to see that no one is peeking the password over your shoulder. While, Typing passwords in public places, you need to be more attentive.

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