65+ best funny selfie captions

65+ best funny selfie captions

List of 65 some of the best funny selfie captions. Unquie captions that will make you stand apart from the crowd. Make use of these amazing 65 funny selfie captions to increase your likes. Captions are well thought, and will be appropriate and funny do use them, And share this with your friends.

Latest collections of 65+ best funny selfie captions

1) C’mon it’s just a photo or is it!

2) 50% Sweet and 50% Salty.

3) Yes, I know, What you are thinking, I’ll keep it a secret!

4) Is it okay to joke in this decade, Or I have to travel a decade more.

5) Change is just around the corner. Seriously! I left a few coins in the corner.

6) Corny! A big NOO NOO, Cringy it is.

7) Thank You, Abraham Lincoln. But No thanks, But liberty is broken!!

8) My heart is bigger than my smile, PROMISE.

9) Revenge is for children, Not getting beaten in the first place is for adults.

10) I need to stop posting new style every weekend.

11) Every so often start in a way that is better than others

12) Just a bunny looking for a stud bread roll

13) The squandered years, the squandered youth, the beautiful falsehoods, and the appalling truth

14) I’m that awkward individual, continually cherishing and never leaving

15) Dear cupid, next time shoot us both

16) Be a greater amount of you, less of them.

17) The finest speech of you is what you have never given.

18) Astute as a fiend, twice as beautiful.

19) Develop through what you experience.

20) You can’t love vodka on the first go, You need to develop a taste for it.

21) Cheer Life, Cheer Afterlife, But don’t Cheer San Marino’s.

22) Goosh the world is soo big, Also me it only takes 51 hours to travel the whole world.

23) Renaissance is a Myth, Prove me wrong without Mono Lisa.

24) Difference between communism and Capitalism, Dictatorship.

25) If not of the failure of blitzkrieg, Ich würde Deutsch Sprache.

26) Karl Marx was a great person; And a stupid economist.

27) Expecto Patronum < Abra Ka Dabra.

28) To learn is not win, But to show up without losing.

29) Knowing is powerful, Unknowing is Magic.

30) Sometimes I feel I’m the most tired person on this planet.

31) Going up is something I prefer, But going down is something that I don’t neglect.

32) A good heart always fight with the biggest evils of the world

33) She was straightforward like quantum material science

34) Today, I’ll be a new person. Without the help of ED Galbraith.

35) Kanye demeanor with drake sentiments

36) hella heart eyes for you

37) Emailing my selfie to SPACE X, since I am a star!

38) Life isn’t awesome yet your outfit can be

39) Moonwalks out of an off-kilter circumstance

40) Try not to fear your shadow; it’s truly a steady update that there’s light surrounding you.

41) So disregard the world, we’re youthful around evening time

42) Where are you moving to? I stated, Onto better things

43) You may have my picture, But you don’t know me.

44) Finding a shoe is as hard as making one

45) Days needs to be put upon; Because nights are very heavy

46) A hectic day that requires my espresso a coffee

47) One fine morning I wake up to know, I have to go to work.

48) Morning espresso, since whatever else is useless.

49) May your espresso be Cold But your eyeliner even.

50) Why people change their cloth every hour. When they can change every week?

51) I am not lazy, I am just in the state of hibernation.

52) Lions are one of the kindly beasts, They let their meals have eaten for elks.

53) I have a problem, But I cannot think of a solution, So I think of another problem.

54) When I say the world is on fire, It’s true. We are sitting on billions of tons of core lava.

55) When you create a force, You create it very short.

56) Bunny is an evil rabbit, But I can’t prove, That doesn’t mean he is not!

57) Pulling over a car in front of cops in the mall feels like a UNO reverse card.

58) Satan would not have approved of this photo, But I don’t believe in him.

59) Closing eyes does not disappear the world.

60) Potential threat to humanity is not aliens, But Quinns.

61) I love aliens, Since their first arrival from France.

62) Anime is not a cartoon, And saying so should be prohibited.

63) Movies are not overrated they are just short.

64) Spending days, hours, years to come up with the idea of a flat earth.

65) Illusion is also a reality, A reality that does not exist. – ILLUMINATI

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