How To Give Feedback To Flipkart Delivery Boy?

How To Give Feedback To Flipkart Delivery Boy

Here, we will discuss how to give feedback to the Flipkart delivery boy. Many young people and students join this delivery job to earn their living. Without this concept, the shopping business would become very tough. Some people also do it to support their family members. It’s their job to send the deliveries on time even though sometimes they have to walk for long distances. Amazon pay also pay them 15rs per delivery for their work.

You can give them good feedback for their hard work. As not only they will feel good. Also, get some bonuses and increments. Here, we will know the procedure to give feedback to Flipkart delivery boys by using some simple steps.

Here is how you can give feedback to the Flipkart delivery boy:-

STEP1:- First of all, You can Unlock your mobile phone and open the ‘Flipkart app.  

How to give feedback to flipkart delivery boys

STEP2:- Once you launch the Flipkart app that will appear on the screen then you can click on the ‘Account setting’ option that belongs to the bottom left corner of the screen.

Flipkart Account Settings

STEP3:- A new page appears on the screen showing various options. Click on the ‘My orders’ option. Then, the list of your past ordered products will be displayed on your Flipkart app screen. Next, click on the product for which you want to give the reviews.

Flipkart My Orders Screen

STEP4:- The product details will appear on the screen. You can rate the product by giving the stars according to the product you like.

Flipkart Product Ratings Screen

STEP5:-Behind the star option, you will see the ‘write review’ option. There you can write the description review about how you like the delivery service or also the review regarding the product.

How to give feedback to flipkart delivery boys

Final Words:-

Even if they don’t ask for feedback, you should give them feedback for their hard work. It also helps the company to know about the performance of the Flipkart delivery boy. The review also helps the customer to show the quality of the product and also the performance of the company.

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