Google Pay Vs PhonePe Vs Amazon Pay | which has more offers and cashbacks?

Google Pay Vs PhonePe Vs Amazon Pay | which has more offers and cashbacks

Google Pay, Phone Pe, Amazon Pay are the top most payments apps which are ruling all transactions nowadays. In this tutorial, I am going to show you which is the best among those three with my experience including offers, coupons, vouchers, and referral rewards, etc.

First of all, let’s talk about these refer programs of these three.

**1) Google Pay ( Tez) :

google pay tezz transaction page

Referral Link:

The person who referred the Google pay will get 81 /- INR directly to his / her bank account directly and the person who installed the Google Pay will be credited with 21 /- INR.

This means a total of 102 /- (81/- to the referral’s account and 21/- to the referee’s bank account )INR will be directly credited to your bank account.

google pay(TEZ) reward points

Offers in Google Pay:

These days Google pay is not having more offers but very few. Those are listed below :

1) When you pay 150/- or more, you will receive a scratch card which gives cashback up to 1000/-. but most of the time, we all are getting “ Better luck next time “.

2) If you pay more than 500/- at three different services on Google Pay, then you will a cashback up to 1500/- . It’s not an assured reward but just a chance.

**2) Phone Pe :

Phone Pe is a payment interface from Flipkart ltd. This is a simple app for quick bank transactions and payments through UPI. There will be no charges for bank transfers.

Referral Rewards :

My referral:

Phone Pe rewards you up to 200/- INR as a referral reward ( where 100/- is minimum ).

But, here,  phone pe gives referral amount in wallet cash but not in a bank account. However, we can do bills payments and recharges with wallet cash.

phone pe refer and earn mobile app page

Phone Pe Offers :

While coming to the offers, PhonePe has countable offers mainly for the PhonePe Switch merchants.

1) It has three sets namely Offline merchants,  Online merchants, and PhonePe Switch.

PhonePe Switch merchants

2) It provides much cashback on selected merchants including shopping, food, traveling, grocery, and medical kinds of stuff.

*** 3) Amazon Pay :

I think this is the best of these three apps. There is a lot of cashback inside.

Its the interface is well and Amazon Pay UPI is also a free payments Interface.

Referral:  You can earn 31/- INR on a successful referral to your Amazon pay. The person should add a bank account to your Amazon account.

Referral Link:

amazon pay refer and earn page

Amazon Pay Offers :

Amazon Pay has really plenty of offers when compared to Google pay and PhonePe.

1) Amazon provides Daily new deals in the “Today’s Deals” menu.

2) In the offers section, there will be a lot of offers. They will be unlocked when you order something on Amazon.

3) You have to collect those offers and then order them .. Then you will get assured cashback for sure.

Here is my last year’s cashback! I got all these from the last 4 months of 2019.

amazon pay cashback offers report

amazon cashback earnings


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