How To Build Muscle For Women {Working Tips}

How To Build Muscle For Women {Working Tips}

It is a myth that women can not grow muscles.  Their bodies are a bit different from the men’s.  That’s why they need a different technique to build the muscles. So here is how to build muscle for women. This article will provide you with a complete guide on this topic. And if you’re looking for similar answers then you are at the right place. 

These days women do not focus only on body weight exercises. They focus on weight training and strength training as well. Because this training helps in building muscle. And there is nothing more attractive than women with muscles.

So there is no matter your gender when you want to become an attractive female then muscles are important. Because it shows her hard work and dedication to workouts. So read till the end to know more about the muscle gain of women.

How The Human Body Grows Muscles?

Female muscle human body

It is important to know about your body part and body type first. This will help you in understanding the phenomenon of muscle gain. Muscle gain happens with the same pattern in both men and women. But the only difference is the speed.

Men tend to gain muscle faster than women. It is all because of the presence of the testosterone hormone. Women lack testosterone in their system. So their tendency to have muscles is weak.

If you’re doing the exercises ad then take the protein then the protein will cover for the lost muscles. So to build muscles it is important to take more protein the muse loss. Because then it will help you in building in the muscle instead of just recovering. This is the main thing where most women lack building muscles. The more you gain muscle mass the more your muscle will build. Whether it is in the man’s body on the female body. 

Tips To Build Muscle Mass For Women

Here are some tips that you can use to gain muscle mass in women. Make sure that you follow all these to get the best results. You have to keep some patience because it might take more than usual to gain the muscles.

Do not compare your gain with men. Because both men and women have different capacities to build the muscles. you have to do these for getting the results for how to build muscle for Women. 

#1. Use Diversity In Exercises

Use Diversity In Exercises

If you’re a woman and like to gain muscle then do not stick to one workout plan. Because with time your body will become habitual for the workout. Hence no more breaking and gaining of muscle will happen. Instead, divide your exercise routine according to your workout.

For example, focus on leg workouts on Monday, and on Tuesday do biceps and triceps exercises. So this way you have to divide the whole week. You can set the time and the limit according to your goal and your strength. Make sure that you use different plans for different weeks. This helps in gaining muscle quickly.

If you have worked on your legs today then make sure that you give leg muscles rest for 48 hours. And again do the leg workout after 48 hours. This is the best possible way to gain the muscles faster.

#2. Decide Your Repetitions

The reparations and the sets of exercises affect muscle gain a lot. If you are a beginner then it is advised to start with the minimum and then slowly increase your capacity. Because your body can’t bear a lot of stress at one time. So you may end up having muscle injuries.

So make sure that you start with minimum reparations. But if you’re doing this for a long time then it is time to increase the repetition. The more repetition you will do the more will be muscle gain and endurance. 

It is advised to do 12-20 repetitions to gain the muscles in women. If you are capable of doing this then you will be able to grow these muscles. For low-impact or beginners, you can use 3-5 repetitions only. And later with time, you can increase these gradually. 

#3. Lift Heavy Weights

Lift Heavy Weights

It is a myth that lifting heavy weights can make you look more bulky. But it is not true in the women. Weight training can help women to increase the muscle mass. And in increased muscle mass it is easier to build muscles.

So if want to have giant muscles then you have to add weight training to your schedule. Do not lift one weight for more than 3 minutes. Because then the chances of injuries will increase.

#4. Focus On Your Diet

Exercise is not the only factor then helps in gaining muscle. Your diet will have equal efforts to gain muscle. A healthy person needs 2000 calories in a day. But if you do exercise then you will be able to burn around 600-700 calories. And the calories burned also depend on the type of exercise you are doing.

So if you are burning 600 calories in a day then you have to eat 2600 calories in a day. It is important to understand the importance of calories in your diet.

In those calories make sure that you add protein-rich diets. and to keep your gut healthy do not forget to add fibrous food to it. these are the things to keep in mind for how to build muscle for Women. 

Precautions To Take While Gaining Muscles In Women

Precautions To Take While Gaining Muscles In Women

Here are some precautions that you have to take before start gaining the useless. Make sure that you follow all to ignore any injury and more. These will help you in avoiding the possible damage to your body.

  1. Do not lift weights more than your capacity. it can lead to serious damage like fractures and more. So you have to understand your body capacity and will have to work accordingly.
  2. Take help from someone while lifting weights. Make sure that you have someone around you while you tried to lift the heavyweight. It will reduce the chances of any mishaps that can happen while lighting.
  3. Give your body proper rest. And do not overdo the workouts. Because it can cause serious damage to your muscles and hence hinder a lot of muscle from gaining mass. 
  4. Take a proper diet along with exercise if you will not follow a dirt routine then it is impossible to gain muscles. So focus on your diet more than you focus on your workout.
  5. Do not take painkillers for sore muscles. If you are having sore muscles then use massaging and oiling instead of asking for any painkillers.
  6. Do not smoke or drink during the muscle-gaining period. If you want to gain the muscles quickly then you have to quit drinking and smoking first. Because there is no chance of gaining muscles while doing these two things. So make sure that you quit both before start doing weight training.


In conclusion, here is how to build muscle for women. The process is not as easy as for the men. Because testosterone plays an important role in gaining the muscle. And women lack the hormones. So you have to keep some patience for gaining the muscles.

Because the process is a little slow in women but it isn’t impossible. With the right amount of exercise and diet, you can gain muscles as well. You can see a nutritionist as well for the diet chart and more. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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