How to make money as an Attractive Female – 12 Practical Ways

How to Make Money as an Attractive Female

We all love money; it helps us to pay our bills, satisfy our needs and buy expensive things. We will also be short on cash if we only depend on our primary income source. That’s why creating a passive or side income is a must. In this article, you’ll find ways to make money as an attractive female. We have listed various things you can do to make money.

The methods mentioned in this article are diverse. To make money, we have mentioned both online and offline methods, job and without job methods, etc.

So let’s begin…

How to Make Money as an Attractive Female?

1. Be an Event Host

A Host is a person who welcomes and entertains guests in an event; it is common to have a professional host in public gatherings. This job can be fun as an attractive person, as you can grab the audience’s attention.

Moreover, it is also an excellent experience for you, plus public speaking can help you to increase your social media followers.

Skills –

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Sense of humor
  3. Professionalism
  4. People skills

Income – $12 – $20 hourly (It depends on your region)

2. Become a Fashion Model

First, who is a fashion model –

Fashion model

Lady wearing these dresses from brands like Jockey, Lymio, and AASK are fashion models. Brands pay them to use their pictures wearing their products.

Nowadays, you can also work as a fashion model from your home. You have to create a portfolio of good pictures; you can send them to marketing companies. Or you can go to freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr and search for ‘Fashion model jobs’

Fashion modeling isn’t limited to clothing but includes eyewear, fashion accessories, innerwear, makeup, caps, shoes, watches, etc. If you are Attractive Female and want to make money in a short period of time then a fashion model is a good choice for you.

Skills –

  1. Good Physique
  2. Physical skills like body movements
  3. Ability to work with others (designers, stylish, photographers, etc.)
  4. Photogenic

Income – According to ZipRecruiter, the fashion model earns $8,723 monthly in the United States.

3. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer Female

Instagram is a popular social media app; many attractive females make money by posting their pictures on Instagram. They are called Influencers or public figures.

Although just posting your picture on Instagram or any other social media platform won’t work. You need to understand its algorithm, how to increase your reach, hashtags, etc.

Note – Many people, while becoming an influencer, make the mistake of buying fake followers. Fake followers can damage your account, your account won’t get good reach, and Instagram won’t recommend your account to others. This will affect your account in the long run.

Skills – 

  1. Content curation skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Camera skills
  4. Good communication skills

Income – Social media influencers’ income varies a lot; it can be as low as $11,000 (annually) or as high as $2,60,000 yearly.

4. Be A Wedding Consultant & Make Money

A wedding consultant is a person who takes care of the bride’s dress, makeup, hair, etc. It is not necessarily an attractive women’s job but a women’s job because a woman can understand better what a bride’s fashion better.

A wedding consultant isn’t a regular full-time job; it’s a part-time job during someone’s wedding. A wedding is a special occasion in a person’s life, so they won’t hesitate to pay you well if you can make the moment perfect.

It is recommended to do a professional course on wedding consultancy or Wedding Stylist. So it will help you establish your name.

Skills – 

  1. Good fashion skills
  2. Visualization ability
  3. Event coordination

Income – It depends on your clients; however, according to ZipRecruiter, an average wedding stylish income in the US is $33,000.

5. Be a Receptionist

Receptionist female job - How to make money as an Attractive Female

Places such as gyms, waiting halls, ticket-booking areas, and company offices prefer attractive receptionists. Other than being beautiful, you should be good at communication as well.

You can be a good receptionist if you qualify for these two skills. To get a job as a receptionist, you can search online websites like Google, USAHello, Jooble, Indeed, etc., or visit the place.

Skills –

  1. Communication
  2. Basic computer skills
  3. Interpersonal skills

Income – $33,637 (Annually)

6. Be an Actress (Best Way To Make Money As An Attractive Female)

As an attractive woman, it is easier for you to get into the acting field. You won’t be getting lead roles directly but can be cast as a background person of a side role (Initially.) Although being an actress also requires good acting skills and expression.

Skills –

  1. Good understanding of emotions, scenes, and screen-look.
  2. Expressive
  3. Camera friendly
  4. Creativity

Income – An average actor makes around $49,000 – $73,000 annually.

7. Start a YouTube Channel & Make Tons Of Money In Short Time

As a matter of fact, YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform. You can start a YouTube channel in the beauty niche and tell your beauty secrets, makeup application, or physical fitness to look attractive. Other than that, you can start a travel or hobby channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is free, and to register, you only need a Google account and contact information like email address and phone number.

As per YouTube’s current policy, you need 4,000 hours of watch time and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

Skills –

  1. Video editing skill
  2. Understanding of YouTube SEO
  3. Researching
  4. Camera skills

Income – An average YouTuber in the US makes $4,616 a month.

8. Start a Blog

If you aren’t comfortable on camera, you can start a blog and write your thoughts. You can create a beauty or fashion blog and teach people how to look attractive through your blog. It is a more accessible alternative to starting a YouTube channel. This is not the only applicable profession of making money as an attractive female. Starting a blog and making money is applicable to all genders.

Skills –

  1. SEO Research
  2. Basic knowledge of coding
  3. Writing skills

Income – An average blogger in the USA makes $38,000 – $51,000 annually.

9. Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador is a person who endorses brands to his followers or network. If you are an attractive woman, getting brand ambassadorship from beauty, makeup, or fitness brands is easier.

A real-life example of a brand ambassador is Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous football player. Ronaldo is a brand ambassador for the renowned sports company Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo Famous Football Player

Nike and Ronaldo are big names; however, you can start your career as a brand ambassador now. You can look for some local opportunities from small businesses. You can contact small enterprises or search for brand ambassador opportunities online.

Skills – 

  1. Endorsement skills
  2. Public skills
  3. Communication skills

Income – Average income is $38,000 in the USA.

Fast Ways to Make Money as an Attractive Female

This section will discuss some fast ways to make money as a woman.

1. Sell Your Eggs

A woman’s ovaries contain female gamete cells; in medical terms, it is called Oocyte; in non-medical language, we can call them eggs.

So these eggs (oocytes) are used during reproduction. If you are a healthy woman aged 21 – 35, you are eligible for egg donation in any IVF Center. Once you donate the egg, it will be used by other women to have a baby.

Now, your next question might be – is it safe?

So far, it is proven safe, although the process is lengthy, and you might get pain the following days after egg donation.

Egg Donar compensation is around $5,000 – $10,000 (Although it depends on various factors)

2. Sell Your Jewelry & Make Money

If you need urgent cash, you can sell your jewelry. The first place to go for jewelry for selling is a local jewelry shop. If you have designer jewelry, the shop owner might hesitate.

If that doesn’t work, you can ask your friends and family if they want to buy it. The last way to do this is to sell it online on websites like Etsy, Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, etc.

3. Sell Your Hairs

Yes, you can sell your hair…

And no, you don’t have to be bald; you can trim your hair and sell them. The hair industry is vast and lucrative; your hair will be used for making wigs. Wig makers and hair stylists pay well to get hair.

The optimal hair length for selling is 10 inches; you will get good pay if your hair isn’t damaged due to chemical treatment. You can trim your hair and sell them to wig companies. This will apply to both those who want to make money as an Attractive Female as well as a normal females.

You can get around $100 to $1000 for your hair, it depends on its condition. Red color hairs are rare color, and for such colored hair, you can get $1,000. The second is blonde, and the third is brown.

FAQs: How to Make Money as an Attractive Female

1. Can We Make Money by Selling Our Feet Pics?

It’s surprising, but many are interested in buying feet pics. There are feet models as well, and yes, you can make money by selling feet pics. Read this article – How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist, for more information.

2. How to Make Money as an E-Girl?

e-Girl is an internet term for a girl playing games and streaming them. There is a general perception that video gaming is a boy’s thing; However, to a certain extent, many e-girls are also good at gaming and are earning good income streaming their gameplay.

Twitch and some other online sites are popular websites for e-girls to make money.


There are many things that men and women can do and earn money. But this article was mainly focusing on making money options for women. So, I hope you enjoyed reading this article; if you have any comments, you can use the comment box below. That’s it for our ‘How to Make Money as an Attractive Female’ article.

Thanks for reading!

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