How To Smoke In A Non Smoking Apartment?

How To Smoke In A Non Smoking Apartment

Listed below are some tips on how to smoke in a non smoking apartment. All these tips will help you cover your smoking habits. And make sure that you follow all these to get the best results for yourself.

How To Smoke In A Non Smoking Apartment {Best Tips}

These days the smoking restrictions in houses have increased. More and more public signs of no smoking can be seen in the streets. It is all because of the different awareness programs towards smoking and its bad effect on health. But if you smoke regularly it becomes very hard to resist. And smoking indoors is much tougher. Not even air purifiers can help the smoke that produces after smoking cigarettes.

So here is the tutorial for how to smoke in a non smoking apartment. If you live in a non-smoking apartment then you will need to read this. All these tips will help you get through the situation.

#1. Use Your Bathroom

The bathroom is among the most ventilated areas of the house. So you can easily use that place for smoking but the bathroom smells different. Therefore if someone enters the bathroom after you they will quickly tell you that you have been smoking there. So cover the smoke and the smell using some scented candles in the bathroom. The smell of cigarette smoke and the smoke and odour will go away. Make sure that you use some strong-scented candles. Use them regularly so your bathroom always smells like these candles.

#2. Smoke Detector

Try to find the smoke detector in your house. Because in the nonsmoking houses, the landlords always place the smoke detector. Find them and disable the smoke detector. Do not always keep it disabled. Only disable it when you smoke.

Open all the air vents in your house while you smoke. Because it will not pile up smoke in the house and there is a high chance that the smoke detector will not ring. There could be more than one smoke detector in the home. So check very carefully. And after you turn off every smoke detector only then start smoking. Otherwise, you can get caught.

#3. Find A Partner

The best way to work is to find a partner for yourself. then you can go to their place and smoke easily. This will work for you if your landlords live in the same house. Then there is a high chance of yours getting caught. Make sure that you brush your teeth before coming into the apartment. Because the smell of smoking remains in our mouths for too long. You can also use an activated charcoal toothbrush to brush your teeth.

#4. Use Air Purifiers

Always use air purifiers inside the house. You can also use essential oil-scented candles to cover the odour. If your landlord does not live nearby and there is no smoke detector then you can smoke freely. But do not forget to keep the air purifier on. Plug in fresheners in different corners of the house. This will never let anyone know that you smoke in the house. Also, all these things quickly disappear from the smell of cigarettes.

#5. Cover The Smell

If you have accidentally smoked inside the house then here is a quick tip to hide the smoke odour. Take some popcorn packets and let them burn in the microwave. After some time, I opened the microwave. This will make your house full of smell and smoke. So, no one will be able to detect the smell of cigarettes inside the house. This is the best way to hide the smell. Because within a minute or two you can burn the popcorn.


In concussion, here is how you can smoke in a non smoking apartment without getting into any trouble on your end. All these tips are 100% effective. So you can use them without any doubt. Some landlords are strict and they cancel the contract when they find out about the smoking. So try to be extra safe in those situations.

You can take help from the neighbours to hide the fact that you smoke inside the house. After doing all these neighbours is the only way to find out about your smoking habits.

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