How Do Make NPCS Run Away From You In Gmod?


Gmod is among the famous games. Here you can explore the virtual world. Can do a lot of different things. But the player sometimes gets tired of all the non-player characters. Also known as NPCs. Here is the guide for how to make NPCs run away from you in Gmod. Because when you run a kitchen run you will be able to explore the game.

And you can do a lot of things without these characters. They are of no use. Here are a few tricks that you can use to get rid of these NPCs. First, you have to change their behaviour. If you are chasing a new goal in the game. It will also help you to get away from the NPCs.

Learn the Basic Nature Of NPCs

First of all, you have to learn the basic behaviour of these NPCs. So make sure that you get more and more information about them. Because the more you know them the easier you will be to get rid of these creatures. Here are some basic behaviours of non-player characters in Gmod.

  1. Aggro range is the range in which the NPCs will remain unthreatened. So you have to maintain that range. Different creatures will have different ranges. So you have to learn about these ranges and maintain a safe space with them.
  2. Normally the NPCs attack you when you enter their range. But if you will change the bailout then you can solo make then run. But for this having ideas about the ranges is important.
  3. Make sure that you do not get into a fight with these NPCs. Because you will just lose your power and nothing more.

Tips For How To Make NPCS Run Away From You In Gmod

Here are some tips that you have to use while trying to get rid of these characters. These are very simple tricks. And all you will need to do is some modifications. So if you are ready to do the cages you will see the change in your game as well.

And you will be able to enjoy the game Gmod to the fullest. Remember that you cannot get rid of these characters permanently. Because these are the part of the game. But you can modify these till a safe level.

#1. Increase The Feeling Levels

You can increase the NPCs feeling level. Now as soon as you increase this level. Then they will start to fear you and will never come close to you. It will create a safe and hassle-free space for you.

#2. Change Weapon Response

If you will come in contact with the NPCs then they will attack you. But by changing the weapon response you can create a space for yourself. Make sure to add some unuseful weapons in the weapon response. And you will be safe. Even if you will come in contact with these you will remain safe from any kind of weapon attacks.

#3. Create Fearful Environment

There is a specific environment in the game. If you use these environments then the NPCs will not come in contact with you. Because they will avoid coming into this environment. Here are those environments that you can use.

  1. Eerie environment
  2. Use an environment full of straps and hazardous

#4. Apply Map Design

 Still, you can design scripts where NPCs are naturally inclined to flee from certain areas or characters If you are creating custom-made charts in GMOD. Place obstacles, hazards, or scripted events within your chart to guide NPC. This approach allows you to draft immersive and gruelling gests where NPCs run down strategically. 

#5. Use In-Game Events

GMod provides in-game event triggers and realities that you can use to make NPCs flee from your character. For this case, you can set up explosive barrels or dangerous traps that, when touched off, beget near NPCs to flee. These in-game events can add excitement and unpredictability to your gameplay.

Things To Remember While Making NPCs Run Down From You In Gmod

Then are many effects that you have to consider. If you are making any kind of change to the game also you might face some problems. So you might face some comity issues in the game with these characters.

So it’s advised to make one change at a time and also try another after some time. This will give you some space to acclimate to the new setting as well.


In conclusion, Here is how to make NPCs run down from you in Gmod. There are ways that you can use to get relief or produce a space from these characters. Still, you can’t get relieve from these permanently.

Because these are the part of the game. But you can modify the settings and it’s easy to do this. All you have to do is change the settings according to your use. Then’s the list of features that you can use for this. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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