How To Defeat Armored Bokoblins?

How To Defeat Armored Bokoblins

The Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most famous games. It has some great visuals and features. So people of all ages love this game. Here you have to fight with the enemies that will attack your king. And one of the most common enemies in this game is armored bokoblins. Here is the guide for how to defeat armored bokoblins. If you have the right weapons then you can do this very easily.

Here you will find the type of tools that are used to kill this enemy. And how you can do this on the first attempt. Because most people can not do this even after several attempts.

Basics About Armored Bokoblins

Before attacking your enemy you must have all the information about this enemy only then you can defeat them. Armored bokoblins have stone armour and this armour is very strong. It can even break mountains in one go and this armour is the only speciality of this monster.

Your regular melee and the ranged weapons will not work on this so trying to kill this enemy with these weapons is worthless. And one of the tricks to kill him is that you have to destroy his armour. So as soon as you destroy the weapon then you will kill the enemy. This is the basic rule to kill this monster.

Things Required To Defeat the Armored Bokoblins

Here are the things that you need to have to kill this monster. Make sure that you prepare all these weapons in advance. And above all practice using these weapons.

The more flawlessly you will use these weapons the easier it is for you to kill this enemy.

  1. You have to fuse your weapon with boulders and explosives. This will help you to kill the weapon of this enemy.
  2. Once the enemy is without weapon now attack on him with an arrow fuse with bomb flowers.
  3. If this will not work then you can use elemental attacks.

All these things will do serious damage to the monster. And at one point he will have no strength and he will die eventually.

Things To Consider Before Starting Fighting With Armored Bokoblins

Here are a few things that you have to consider before fighting with this monster. If you will keep all these things in mind while killing the monster then your choice to kill him in one go will increase.

  1. Collect all the weapons that are mentioned above.
  2. Make sure that you practice switching weapons before the fight.
  3. Practis self-defense and hiding.
  4. Use the right weapon in the right spot.


In Conclusion, Here is how to defeat armored bokoblins. It is not easy to kill this monster in one go. But if you have the right strategy with the weapons you can do this in one go. This guide has a list of all the required weapons in this process. Make sure that you use all to kill the monster. 

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