How To Know If Smudging Worked?

How To Know If Smudging Worked

Smudging is a very old practice. Here the herbs and all are burned to get rid of negative energies. It is a spiritual and practical way as well. You might have done this several times. But do you know how to know if smudging worked? This is the biggest question. 

Because if you will get the result then you will try this method again. And if you will not see any results then you will not try this again. So it is important to know if this technique works or not. Here are some signs that you can use to determine the efficiency of this technique. Make sure that you follow all to get the best possible results in this. 

Basics About Smudging

First of all, You should know the basics of this technique only then you will be able to know the best results of this technique. It is believed that smoke has the purifying properties has the power to remove negative energy and helps create a balance in the environment.

Age, cedar, or sweetgrass are some of the common herbs that are used in this practice. However different culture uses different herbs.

Visible Signs & To Know If Smudging Worked

Smudging often involves the use of smoke, which can provide visible signs of its effectiveness. Consider these indicators:

  1. Smoke Behavior: Observe how the smoke from your smudge stick or herbs behaves during the smudging process. If the smoke seems to move erratically, dance, or disperse rapidly, it may be an indication that it is interacting with negative energy and clearing it.
  2. Scent: Pay attention to the scent of the herbs you are using. A shift in fragrance or intensity during smudging can be a sign that the energy is changing and that the negative energy is being replaced by positive energy.
  3. Lingering Smoke: If the smoke lingers and doesn’t disperse quickly, it may suggest that it is working hard to cleanse the space of negative energy.

Other Signs That Determine That The Smudge Works

Here are some other signs that you can check if the smudge works or not. So make sure that you observe these signs around you very carefully. Because these are not physical signs. So you have to sit and think only then you will be able to get the best answer.

#1. Increase Energy

You will feel a change in your energy. As soon as the negative energy clears around you will feel more energetic, vibrant, and alive. You will also see a shift in your thoughts.

#2. Increase Confidence

If you have a goal and you are having anxiety about it then smudging is useful. And if the smudging works you will see that there is no anxiety. And you will feel more confident about your goal, your identity, and your behavior. You will see this change even in the daily household decisions as well. 

#3. Accumulation Of Positive Thoughts

You will start to have positive thoughts. These thoughts will help you in governing your life. Having positive thoughts in life is necessary. So when the negative energy disappears from your life then you are left with the positive energy only. So if you are feeling positive after the smudging then it means that it worked.

#4. Improved Harmony

Smudging can lead to increased harmony within your space. If conflicts or tensions dissipate and relationships become more positive, it’s a strong indication that smudging has worked.

 #5. Enhanced Sleep

An energetically clean environment can lead to better sleep quality. If you find yourself experiencing more restful and rejuvenating sleep after smudging, it’s a sign that the negative energy has been cleared.

#6. Increased Productivity

If you notice that your productivity and focus have improved after smudging, it could be attributed to the removal of negative energy that was affecting your concentration.

When Frequently One Should Do Smudging?

The time of doing smudging depends from person to person. Because if you feel your every work is stuck with some obstacle. Or if you are feeling low and having health issues then you have to do this very frequently.

Because this all indicates that you are around a lot of negative energy. And it took time to become clear. However, if you are feeling light and do not have many problems in life then you can do this once a week.

You can also seek help from an experienced person with this. They will tell you the extract time and the time limit to do the smudging. Because an experienced person can clear your queries more.


In conclusion, Here is how to know if smudging worked. There are a few obvious signs that you can look for. These signs will give a clear indication of the smudging work. If you’re seeing these signs it means it world to you and if you are seeing this sign it means you need to do this more.

You can use this technique every day until you see the results. And once you become stable you can practice this technique once a week. So it depends from person to person. This was for how to know if smudging worked. 

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