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Fortnite’s new chapter 2, And its 5th Seasons have brought a whole bunch of new challenges. That gamers can unlock inside the game cosmetic. In all those different challenges, The one that we are gonna talk about is the Weapon Specialist Accolades. This challenge once completed will aid the gamers to unlock the super cool Mandalorian Armour. I have shared with you the easiest ways that you could enjoy the Mandalorian Armour, By learning How to Earn Weapons Specialist Accolades.

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You might be wondering why there is such a craze to complete this challenge. It is because the new Fortnight Season 5, Brought a wonderful update with the collaboration of Disney. Yes, The Mandalorian. As a matter of fact, This challenge does not need to be completed by anyone who has purchased the season 5 battle pass. And you get the skin to unlock directly.

Of course, here there are various weapon specialists earned in different games. With some weaponry causing more damage than others. These challenges are too bound to any mode. Users can complete it according to their preferences. But most people choose to complete these challenges in either Rumble or Battle Royale. Because these are the modes in which you have a whole lot of choices to find different weapons.

To Learn How to earn weapons specialist accolades?

To earn weapons specialist accolades, You have to do certain things in the game. This includes making damage of a certain amount through a specific weapon. I’ll share with you all the weapons and their damage amount that you can use to achieve the new Mandalorian armour easily without any hassle.

1) Using AR Rifle

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  • The damage that you have to do is: 250

2) Using SMG

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  • The damage that you have to do is: 150

3) Using Shotgun

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  • The damage that you have to do is: 250

4) Using Sniper

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  • The damage that you have to do is: 150

5) Using Pistol

Using Pistol Image

  • The damage that you have to do is: 150

After that, you have glanced at the challenge that would appear on your menu screen. The following would also show that ratio as 0/5. What this indicates is that you just need to earn weapon specialist accolades for a repetition of 5 times. If you successfully do that, Your challenge is complete without getting any issues. The following challenge doesn’t compel you to complete it in one game, Which means that you could take as many games as required to achieve the 5/5 ratio. But make sure that the damaged weapon remains for the same, Stays consistent throughout all your games.

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