How To Know If Someone is Trying to Hack your Instagram- Help Guide

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In this article, We’ll explore how to know if someone is trying to hack your Instagram. Do you suspect that your Instagram social account has been hacked? You can look at the below steps that can help you to identify that there is something wrong. If you certainly don’t want to take a risk then you can secure your Instagram account as well with the details that I will share with you. Understand whether or not your account is hacked or compromised in some sense.

You should take immediate action if you find out that your Instagram account has been hacked. Or someone could just have attempted the same. Growthoid’s guide to Instagram hacking apps is very useful to gain knowledge about hacking. You can then follow the later steps in the article to secure your account from future attacks.

The Main Reasons & How To Know Someone is Trying to Hack your Instagram?

1) Email from Instagram

Email from Instagram Team Screenshot

If you receive an email from, Stating reasons like the following email has been changed. This could be the reason for a hack. What most hackers do is once they identify your password, They will then log in to your account, And change the primary email to one of theirs.

What this effectively does is that it will cut down your control from your own Instagram account. You can easily identify this if you get an email from Instagram, With an update about your email. You are at risk of having your account compromised if this happens to you. And I’ll share in a later part of the article how to fix this.

2) Forget the Password link from Instagram

Reset passworrd instagram page

Instagram like many other websites gives you the feature to recover a new password in case you forget your early one. This is something hackers try to exploit and gain access to your account. What they will do is they will already know your username, Which is public to everybody. Then they will try to log in with your account.

As they would not know your password they will use the Instagram feature to forget the password. What this does is send a unique link to the primary email that the account is associated with. And from that link, the hacker can then change your password. If you have received an email suggesting to create a new Instagram password this could be because somebody is trying to gain access to your account.

3) Suspicious behavior with your account

If you notice likes on Instagram pages, profiles that you don’t recall doing this can probably suggest that your account has been hacked. For example, A lot of Instagram accounts are secretly hacked then they are used to like other photos and follow people. For the hackers to make money. If you find this happening with your account, You should immediately deactivate your Instagram account.

That will stop further use of your account by hackers. In a good number of cases, the hacker doesn’t manually operate your Instagram account. But has set up a bot or automated code that does this for them.

4) Third-Party Spyware

Mobile phone app info screen

There is much SpyWare that parents use to monitor their children’s mobile phones. But hackers can also use it to gain access to your Instagram account. This is one of the most dangerous hacks; Because you won’t get any red signals from Instagram about this. If you are suspicious that you are being spied on by spyware.

Go to your Settings, Apps, and Uninstall any app that looks suspicious. Now head over to the Play Store and install an Antivirus/SpyWare software and scan your device. If you see anything suspicious popup remove the same. Also, remove all wifi connections that you do not recognize from your device.

How to secure your Instagram account from future hacking attempts?

Tips-1: Enable two-factor authentication Settings on your Instagram Account

If you are just suspicious or you still hold access to your Instagram account. You should immediately enable the two-factor authentication for your appropriate Instagram account.

Step-1: Firstly, you can open your Instagram from your pc/mobile and then click on your photo from the bottom to open up your profile.

Instagram profile screen

Step-2: Now click on the hamburger button on the top-right side of the corner, And then click on the settings.

Instagram settings option

Step-3: Now click on the Security button, Following the click on the Two Factor Authentication.

Instagram security option

Instagram two factor authentication option

Step-4: Then, you can click on Get Started. And then you can set up your choice of security here.

Tips-2: Change your Password May Help To Secure Instagram Profile

Once you have set up your two-factor authentication, Now you should also change your password.

Step-1: Click on your profile Instagram photo on the bottom-left side of your screen. And now click on the hamburger menu. (Refer to Above Image)

Step-2: From here choose settings, and then security following the password.

Instagram security password option

Step-3: Then, you can enter your valid password for your Instagram account. And then you can enter the new password of your choice twice, and then you can click on Save.

How to Contact Instagram support for any assistance?

So in case, You have lost access to your Instagram account. You have to contact Instagram support from your mobile app. And then they will ask you to create a Selfie Video in which you either have to show a government ID or say a certain code. And once you do that they will establish that you have lost control over your account and they will then change the account access to your new email that you would share with them.

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