How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

To Learn How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face
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OnlyFans touch the mark of 10,000 users in September 2016, and now it has 100 Million users. Due to this spike making money on OnlyFans not only became competitive, but now creators have to post consistently. In this extremely competitive marketplace, Many creators succeed and discover the best way to earn money without showing their face.

For example, an OnlyFans Creator named Katt, OnlyFans also made a case study on her.

Katt hasn’t shown her face in OnlyFans, yet she has 176k followers on Twitter. Which means she can charge thousand’s of dollar from brands to promote their products.

So, how does she do this? According to OnlyFans, she has a clear niche; she mentions in her bio that she’s a ‘submissive gymnast in a blindfold’; if people are interested in a fit gymnast, they will subscribe here; it’s a clear messaging.

Similarly, there are many niches, which people specify themselves like some people post their feet pictures and mention in their bio that they are feet models.

Likewise, in this article, we will share 11 different points on How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

1. Find Your Niche on OnlyFans to make money

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Niche is among the most important factors to increase your reach. It’s important even if you plan to show your face in the future.

OnlyFans has millions of users. If you don’t mention it in your bio, they won’t understand what content it contains. Some popular niches in OnlyFans won’t show your face – Feet Models, Gymnasts, Private Body parts, or anything specific.

How to find a niche in OnlyFans – The thing which you will enjoy posting consistently and which you are very comfortable with. Then look at some of the top OnlyFans Creators in that niche.

2. How Much Money You Can Make on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Analyses on how people are making money on onlyfans without showing their faces
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In this graph, you can see how anonymity can affect your reach. This graph is made by OnlyFans officially.

By showing your face and social media, you are disturbing your Privacy Significantly. And by not showing it, you’re good at Privacy which is a great thing, but your reach is declining.

In my opinion, linking your social media is a great option; not only will your reach increase, but you can also make different social media handles for your OnlyFans followers, which means your Privacy is still good.

You can also earn from your social media handles!

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3. Make More Money

Now, if you’ve found your niche and are also aware of your reach, you can think of making more money in OnlyFans.
OnlyFans is different from any other social media platform; here, your subscribers are your customer.
With that thing in mind, you can use the platform’s full potential for making more money. The traditional way in OnlyFans to make money is by taking monthly subscriptions from your subscriber, but there are many ways to make in OnlyFans.

1) Initially, give free access to your profile – 

People can take monthly subscriptions from a popular account, as they know it will be good content. That’s why people are following it. But if you charge them subscriptions, then they will think twice before spending their money.

So, initially, to build your subscription base, you can offer free access to your profile. You can also improve your content quality by getting feedback and making your content value for money.

But how can you make money using this strategy? You can ask your fans to tip you; if your content is really good, they’ll surely tip you.

Later on, as your OnlyFans account grows, you can make exclusive content and make a monthly subscription base.

2) Live Stream Without Showing Your Face –

The good thing about your free account is that OnlyFans will offer you the option to conduct a live stream and earn it by putting in entry fees.

For example, if you have OnlyFans Free Account, your followers will get notified that you’re live streaming, and its entry fee is a minimum of $5.

Musicians and actors generally use this feature, but you can live to stream it if you have something valuable for the money thing.

Tipping is also a great way to earn from Live stream; it is like Super Chat on YouTube.
If you have something to offer in Live Stream, you can do it every weekend, whenever you’re free.

3) OnlyFans Referral Program

This is a very interesting referral program to make money without showing your face (of course).

It would help if you referred someone, make them join OnlyFans, and then OnlyFans will give you 5% of the OnlyFans payout for 12 Months of joining.

You can join this referral program to earn this passive income for the short term.

How to get a referral link? – You can find your unique referral link in the ‘My Referral’ tab in the dropdown menu. Then share with someone who wants to join OnlyFans.

One thing you can do, you can share your referral link in the comment section; for someone who wants to join OnlyFans, please visit the comment section and do some good work.


To summarize all the points in this article.

To Make More Money in OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face, you need to –

  • Find your niche, which you’re passionate about and enjoy doing.
  • You need to create valuable content; you can also look for top industry creators and learn to create top industry-level content.
  • You can always try a different strategy, but as OnlyFans statistics show, if you want better Privacy with a good reach, you can follow ‘No Face + Social Media, then you can design your account according to your Privacy.
  • By making your account free, you can get a wider reach, and you can earn from various programs initially. You can ask followers to tip you, live stream on weekends, and put entry fees on it; you can earn passive incomes with referrals.
  • Although you can learn from feedback from your followers, so your content can be valuable for money, later on, as you find your subscriber base is growing, you can provide exclusive content.

So, in this way, you can make money on OnlyFans without even showing your face.

What more can one do to earn more money on OnlyFans?

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