How To Fix Instagram says I have a notification but I don't Issue

Fix “Instagram says I have a notification but I don’t” Issue

Instagram has about 2.5 million users, and it maintains everyone’s data. Maintaining such a big database is not a simple thing. The Instagram app always tries to make it free of any glitches or bugs. That’s why we come to see the new updates every second month. Now Instagram is more stable than its previous versions. New features such as the new reactions bubble, new interface, animated texts, etc. are making the user interface more and more clear and productive.

Still, some things need to be fixed. One of the problems most android device users or ios users are facing is the fake notification by Instagram. One can call it to ghost notification too. The notifications appear on the notification panel. but when you click on it, you find nothing.

Similarly, the red dot including numbers of messages on Instagram direct appears, but when you see it you don’t have any messages pending to read. Right? Then you are not alone, most of the users have encountered this problem yet. These ghost notifications like “Instagram says I have a notification but I don’t” are not that much tedious as their behavior is.

There are few reasons for these ghost notifications (Instagram says I have a notification but I don’t)

There are some obvious reasons which are leading to the problem regarding the Instagram notifications that are irritating you. Have a look at them.

1) Someone makes the post and deleted it immediately. Or sends you a message and deactivates their account.

2) You may have read a message, which is at the bottom of the list of messages.

3) You may not check the general category of messages, where some messages may be pending to read.

4) You haven’t updated your Instagram account yet.

After knowing these reasons you must have understood what is the problem with your account. So how to get rid of this? Give a try at some of these tricks and tips, you will become free of these ghost notifications from Instagram.

How to solve instagtram ghost notificati0ons problem?

For the problem of the direct message, you should scroll all the messages you have in your direct messages list on Instagram. Check whether there is any unread message or not. If there is no message then check the general message tab if you have a business account. Also, check for the requests you haven’t read yet.

Another thing is that you should check for your slow internet connectivity. If the connection is slow then it might be temporarily showing read messages unread. So close the Instagram too, then turn off data turn on flight mode, and again close it. Then turn on data. Now go to Instagram and refresh it. Your problem might be solved now.

Now if the problem hasn’t been solved yet, then try this one. Update the Instagram app. If there is any update then you should install it right now.

If that too not solve your problem then another way is that uninstall the Instagram app. After that, you have to go to the paly store and then install it again. Now check whether the problem is solved?

This time your problem will be solved.

So that was how you can make the ghost notifications or the fake notifications from Instagram go away. These are the only four ways that can solve your problem. Whenever you get a fake notification that is not going away then you can try these hacks and you will have your issue solved within some minutes.

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