Why Instagram Follow Request Disappeared

Why Instagram Follow Request Disappeared - Top reasons

Your entire Instagram follow request disappeared automatically? Where had the request list gone?

Whatever the reason for disappearing the requests, you don’t have to panic. There are various reasons for disappearing the request. In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons for the same.

Possible reasons for why the Instagram Follow Request Disappeared?

1) Application glitch

Instagram application glitch issues

If you have not done any changes with your account but some of the features of your Instagram is disappeared or the Instagram follow request disappeared, then that can be because of application glitch. If somehow the system file corrupted during updates or network connection is not working properly then the Instagram application doesn’t work properly.

So if you are facing the problem for application glitch then you can fix it following a few simple steps.

1) Firstly, check your network connection. If the network connection is not working properly try to fix it.

2) Then you can Log out your Instagram account and log in again.

3) If the previous two steps don’t work then restart your phone.

4) If none of the above helps you to solve the glitch then uninstall the application from your device and reinstall it.

Of course, the above steps will help you to solve the app glitch and find all the disappeared follow requests.

2) Change in account status

Change privacy for Instagram account

If you change your account as public from private, then all the pending Instagram follow requests will be accepted automatically. In that case, you can find then from the follower’s list. If there is someone whom you do not like in the list, you can simply block the user.

3) User deleted the request

If the user deletes the following a request by himself/herself, you will be unable to find his/her request.

These were the top possible reasons for your Instagram Follow Request Disappeared. The follow request never gets deleted automatically.


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