How To See/Check Boyfriends Messages on Facebook Account?

How To See/Check Boyfriends Messages on Facebook Account

There are various ways available for making it easy to see someone’s messages without any hassle. Absolutely, who uses Facebook for messaging nowadays? But let me tell you, a lot of people still use the messaging app from Facebook. And another fun fact is that most girlfriends are worried that if their boyfriend is cheating on her.

Solve your doubt by these simple things. Here are some ideas for you on how can you see and check your boyfriend’s messages without letting him know about them. Of course, this is a crime, but it’s okay if he is your boyfriend.

Moreover, You can do it by spying on his activities on Facebook or taking his login details and then checking his account from the other device. For that, you can use spy apps/software, which allows you to do everything seamlessly. They are somewhat difficult to set up but once done; you are done with it. The spy software you can use is kids guard pro.

You have to set up the things, and you can see his messages with all the details in real-time. Having an eye on Facebook messages is not the only thing you can do with it; you can do many things with it. You can track what keys he recently typed and message his personal information everything with just a few clicks.

How to check/see boyfriends Facebook messages?

Without using spyware

The first way to check the boyfriend’s Facebook messages is to have access to his Facebook account. Yes, if you have his login and Facebook password, you can directly access his account, and you won’t need any spyware for that. Fishing, spying, or tracking the strokes on the screen are the ways to access the login credentials. It depends on how you access the password and login details. After that, you are free to check his messages on Facebook anytime.

Using spyware 

Another way to see your boyfriends Facebook messages and other activities are to have using spyware. Here’s spyware is known as Kids Guard, which is extremely useful to monitor the messages on Facebook of your boyfriend.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how you can check the boyfriend’s Facebook messages without letting him know.

1) Firstly, you have to head over to the internet and go to the kid’s guard site. In the next step, you’ll be required to register an account with the Kids Guard Pro.

2) Then, you can enter your valid email id, select your operating system. Of course, This is a pro account. That’s why you may need to pay.

3) After opening a kids guard pro account, you can proceed to the next step. After that, you will have the download link of the kids guard pro software. Install it on your pc of the respective operating system.

4) Then you have to download the kidsGuard pro app to the cell phone or the device you want to track or spy on. After downloading, you have to enter your credentials and log in to it.

5) You are Done! You can now go back to your spy guard software and track all the activity on the selected device on the dashboard.

6) Initially, there will be some time taken by the software to collect the data. After that, you can regularly see everything on the target device.

7) That’s it. Nothing more you need to do. And you can see your boyfriend’s messages on your device. Isn’t it great? This is the most seamless way to have the details of the messages of your boyfriend on Facebook.


No matter how many ways and software available on the internet to access Facebook messages by someone, there are only two ways to do it. Either you have his Facebook login details, or you have spyware. And in this article, we discussed almost every part of it.



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