Can I Totaled My Leased Car Without Insurance

Can I Totaled My Leased Car Without Insurance

Driving a leased car without insurance is illegal in all states. So if your leased vehicle is totaled without the insurance then you have to pay for the repair cost and that will cost thousands of dollars. So having no insurance with the leased vehicle is not a good idea.

Can you total leased car without insurance?

Totaled car

Leased vehicles are vehicles that you do not own. But you take these vehicles from the leasing company for some time. Different people have different reasons for leasing a car. Some try to reduce the cost of owning a vehicle while others want to learn driving and all.

Then, All you need to do is you will have to sign a leasing agreement with the appropriate company. Yeah, A certain period of time will be set for the duration of this agreement. And if anything happens to the car during this period like a leased car accident then you have to pay for everything.

The question here is what happens if I totaled my leased car without insurance?

What is the meaning of a car totaled?

When you run into a car accident, the repair cost of the car will become equal to the net car’s worth. Then the insurance company declares that the car is totaled. If your leased car is totaled it means that the insurance company will pay for the car and take the car away. It happens because some parts of the car are very expensive to repair or replace. Hence the insurance company decides to lease a contract car.

Type of insurance needed for the lease contract

If you are leasing a car then you should have these two types of insurance.

  • Collision insurance- this insurance coverage is limited to the vehicle only. Hence here the insurance company will pay for the vehicle damage only. It will not cover any third-party damage.
  • Gap insurance gap coverage is very important for leased car accident owners. Gap insurance pays in between the money of the vehicle’s worth and what you owe on it.

How can I total my leased car without insurance?

The auto insurance covers the car damage and the personal injury too. It is illegal to drive a leased car without insurance coverage. Hence car insurance is a must even for the leased vehicle.  Your car will cease if the police find out that you have no car insurance. Also, you have to pay a huge amount of fines for this.

If your leased car is totaled without insurance, then you have to pay for all the damage along with the fine. It will cost you thousands of dollars. Hence it is not a good idea to lease a car without car insurance. The chances of car accidents are high with beginners so if you are a beginner then avoid doing this.

Car accident attorney

Car accident attorney

If your car is totaled then there will be less drama. But if your leased car has been totaled then you have to deal with the insurance company, another driver, and the lease insurance company. This will become very heating to handle at once. That is when the car accident attorney comes into life. This attorney will a legal person and they will help to clear the mess.

Hire an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you hire them you will be free from this work. They are trained especially for this work hence you can trust them.

Leased car totaled with your fault

If you are the reason behind the car accident then you have to fill an insurance claim to your insurance company. And if you totaled a leased car without insurance then you have to repair the car with your own money. The insurance policy in this case is very helpful in such a situation. If you have a policy then you should fill out the claim very quickly. There could be chances that the insurance company pays for the damage and does not total the car. You can call your insurance adjuster about this. And he will fill the request on your behalf.

Leased car totaled without your fault

If the car accident was not your fault, then the process for getting the claim will be more lengthy. Now you have to keep all the proofs with you. Proofs like the before accident ar condition, proofs of the accident, information of another driver. Here hiring a car accident attorney is best. It is the attorney’s job to make the other driver’s insurance company pay for the damages caused by the accident. You will remain safe but if you will deal with this on your own. Then it will become very tough. Because you have to deal with a lot of documents and legal paperwork.


In conclusion, a leased car totaled without insurance is illegal. You have to buy an insurance policy along with the leased vehicle. Otherwise, you will pay the fines. If your leased car is total and you do not have any insurance then you will pay for the repair. Thousands of dollars will require for this work.

If you do not want to buy different insurance for the leased vehicle but still want the insurance company to pay for the property damage. Then you should take only one insurance which is gap insurance. Just take one and you will be good to go.

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