3 Ways to Get Unlimited data while in flight mode

3 Ways to Get Unlimited data while in flight mode

How to get Unlimited Data in Flight Mode (2021 Updated)

You might wonder if I the working trick of making your daily data usage to unlimited. This is NOT setting your data usage alert to the maximum and showing like you got unlimited data. This is the real process and working in 2021. Coming to India, the majority of the population are using the Jio network along with Xiaomi mobiles. So, here I am going to show you this first of all. After, using this trick, you will be able to connect to the network even if you are in flight mode.

How to Get Unlimited Data in Jio 2021.

So, you are from India and you are using the Jio telecom network with daily quote data and unlimited calls. Follow the below steps to turn that trick on for every Jio user.

1) First of all, open your device settings.

2) Then, go to the About Phone option.

3) Now, you can see all information about your device. Click on the All Specs option standing at 3rd or 4th in the row.

4) Scroll down to the bottom and click on Internal Storage three to four random quickly.

5) Then, it opens a new window show Phone Information 1 & 2 along with Wi-Fi Information.

6) Click on phone information 1 and you can see plenty of hidden options here.

7) Try to turn on the first option that is Mobile Radio Power.

8) Sometimes, it won’t turn on simple. If you turn it on, it will automatically turn off after few seconds. So, wait for a minute and keep an eye on it. If it turns off, again turn it on. Keep doing until it stands to be turned on.

9) Then, go back home and turn on the flight mode.

Now, you will be able to use your mobile data in flight mode. You won’t get calls, messages, and any other connection but the internet connection will only work.

Method-2 :

There is another way for accessing the same settings.

Go to your dial pad and enter *#*#4636#*#*. Enter this manually in your dial pad and it will open up the phone information directly. If you want to copy-paste this, copy this and paste it in your dial pad and then undo the last * and enter it again.

How to Only Mobile data without Calls and Messages | 2021 Latest Trick.

Simply you can use the above flight/ airplane mode trick. Or if you are using Jio Network in India, here is a really simple trick. Follow up on it in the below steps.

1) Open up your settings.

2) Go to the SIM cards and Mobile Network tab in the settings.

3) Select your SIM card network and there you can see an option Use VoLTE.

4) Turn this option off, to restrict all calls and messages, and still, you can use the Internet.

Note: Remember, that you won’t get any calls. They will get that you are switched off. Don’t forget to turn this option on to get the enhanced VoLTE calls with high quality.

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