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In this article, We’ll explore Top electronic companies in India. The electronic industry is a key contributor to the Indian economy. And after the Make in India initiative, they have become an essential path of India’s growth. Whether you are an electrical engineer student or a stock investor looking for some good companies. This guide will help you to know about big companies in the electronic industry. I’ll share with you brief information about these Top electronic companies in India.

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Electronic industries offer millions of job opportunities in the Indian economy. For that reason, The companies that I have shared with you also share the same fate. The list is not created based on the brand valuation or market capitalization, The core idea behind the below hierarchy of companies is based on a lot of parameters. Market capitalization is only a small part of it. I have also taken into consideration of Work Environment, Trust, Brand Recognizability, and many more.

1) Havells India Ltd

This should not come as surprise to many. Because Havells has always put forward their brand and quality to their consumers. Just the name of their company is enough for consumers to consider their products. Havells is a key player in the power distribution network. It is also one of the contenders for upcoming smart city infrastructure projects. If you are a student than working in this could offer great perks. And if you are an investor you could reliably park you money in a solid company. Havells is one of the top electronic companies in India.

2) Aar-em Electronics

Aar-em Electronics is a well-known brand among Indian users. The reliability and solid infrastructure on the ground make this company a favorite to many. Aar-em is famous for their manufacturing of UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supplies. The corporation traces back its history to 1989, Since before the economic liberalization of 1991. The company is one of the most respected among Indian brands. The solid foundation and brand qualities make this a great company to invest in. Aar-em also has many plans to expand their product range in different sectors. It could be possible that your Next CPU to be manufactured in India.

3) Bajaj Electronics

Bajaj Electronics is a part of a conglomerate of the larger Bajaj corporation. The company brand is solid trust among Indian consumers. Whether it’s Automobile, Finance, Electronics, Indians consumers choose bajaj over others. Bajaj Electronics is one of the earliest Indian private companies. The company could trace back its origin to about 70 years. The sheer size of the company is enough to lure you into investing in India. The promising foundation and decade-old trust make it impossible to rule out the company’s presence in the Indian electronic market. If you are looking for a job opportunity in a robust company than this could be it.

4) Midas Communication Technologies

Midas Communication Technologies is not a well-known name across consumers’ mouths. But it had served a larger needs of the population. If you have used GSM sims, You would have encountered their towers from time to time. A fairly old company that can trace back its origin to 1994. The company started in Chennai from where they still operate. MCT is one of the top electronic companies in India, And its presence will grow over time. Though after the arrival of Jio and 4G technology they have taken a toll. But that doesn’t mean that the company won’t bounce back.

5) The Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

The Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is a company that holds iron armor. The company focuses on a very niche market of transportation and transmission. TKECL can trace back its origin even before the independence of the country in 1946. TKECL has now put forward its manufacturing capacity to solve global challenges like climate change. They are one of the key players in the renewable energy development sector. And as the government pushes more towards renewable energy TKECL growth is inevitable. And if you are planning to park some of your money in a good electronic company this could be a great option.

6) Jabil Circuits

Jabil Circuits is just not an Indian company it’s a multinational brand. JC products are popular all across India and abroad, They are one of the few companies that export finish goods to other markets. The company is more than 50 years old; And focuses on developing equipment that meets the demands of many industries like health, transport, automobile. The company has become so popular in the USA and other western markets that they have shifted their office to Florida. If you have to work outside India, Joining the firm could help you move overseas with employment options in other parts of the world.

7) Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

I know this one is a government-owned company. But if you are a student, Employment in this firm could guarantee years of stability. Let’s just say that government has a bias to allocate public projects to government-owned companies. And if you are able to land a job here. There would be plenty of opportunities that you will get in your career. BHEL also works closely with the army; And has a key role in many development projects. And as the government’s commitments to build infrastructure projects nationwide. You could land up a job even in your city.

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