How to Get Predator Skin in Fortnite Free Without Battle Pass

How to Get Predator Skin in Fortnite Free Without Battle Pass

Unlock Fortnite Predator Skin

The Best Battle Royal games list will not be without Fortnite. The battle royal games have their fan base separately and the gameplay is also like having their own unique attractions.

Players around the world are having a passion to make their inventory look good and rich. So, here comes the latest predator skin released a few hours ago. The 15th season of Fortnite is going on currently. The recent release of the skin to Predator was real good. But the drawback of this skin is that it is only available for Battle Pass holders but not to all players. It’s an intentional move to make the players buy the Battle Pass.

Ways to Unlock Predator Skin

If you already own the Battle Pass in Fortnite, damn you will get the Predator skin for free without any hesitation.

Yes, it’s a Battle Pass exclusive thing

You can check the official YouTube video releasing the Fortnite Skin here.

Fortnite Predator Skin Released – YouTube

The players who own Battle Pass are able to grab this Predator Skin in an easy way.

Completing the Predator Quests

The Battle Pass players can find the Quests and they have to complete them all successfully to own the Predator skin.

The first step in the process is to find the Predator’s Mysterious Pod which will reside in Stealthy Stronghold.

And the next move is to talk and gather information from three NCPs named Remedy, Dummy, and B Boss quickly.

And then, before the battle, we have to collect the surplus Health kits as we know that the power of Predator is high and we need surplus amount health. So, we have to carry asap many as possible.

Defeating the Predator

The last quest or mission is to defeat the Predator to own it permanently out there.

If you own the Predator, you will get a unique emote, and also you can collect its arm as a tool. Also, you will get your weapons black shined with a neon vibe like the thing. The looks of your weapons while wearing this Predator are damn good and giving royal look.

In the video below uploaded by Everyday FN, he defeats the Predator and owns it.

How To Get Predator Skin Without Battle Pass

If you didn’t buy Battle Pass yet, don’t worry we will find a way or loophole to own this Predator skin asap and we will update it here. Try some legit money-earning apps online and then you can buy the Battle Pass for free through them.

Through Giveaways

We are conducting a giveaway of 5 Battle Passes to the players who come here. So, kindly drop your ids below in the comment sections. We will select five players from them.

Also, not only we are the one, they are many YouTubers who are conducting Giveaways to grow their channels. You can search for them and participate in all channels. You will definitely win one of them.

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