2 Ways to Change YouTube app views/stats From Lakhs to Millions on iOS and Android

2 Ways to Change YouTube app views/stats From Lakhs to Millions on iOS and Android

From the past few months, a new change in the units of YouTube stats like views was added without any notification or any option to change. Many of the Indian YouTube users getting the views, subscribers, and all stats in lakhs and crores where they were in (1K) Kilos'(1 Thousand) and (1M) Millions’ respectively. Actually, it’s a good thing but everyone is very comfortable with the old units as we have been using them from the very beginning. We didn’t receive any notification or option to change it. Many people complained about this on Twitter about adding an option to change these.

So, here I am going to show you the steps to change those units.

Method 1: Change YouTube app views for Lakhs to Millions

On Android :

 Step 1): First up all, Open YouTube and check the units and open the device setting.

Step 2): Then Scroll down or Search for the Language & Input settings. ( if you can’t find them, check additional settings and others as it’s not same on all devices).

Step 3):  Go to the Languages tab and you can see English(India) is selected as default already.

Language settings in android

{I have already selected English(US) in the screenshot.}

Step 4): Afterwards you can edit it and change it to English(United States).

Change the english united states default language settings for android

Step 5): That’s it now, open the YouTube app and check the units. Mostly, it will be changed.

If not, try clearing the cache and data of the YouTube app. Still, nothing changes,  restart the device.

On IOS :

Step 1):  Firstly, Open the setting on your iOS device.

Step 2): Then go to “ General “ and there you can Language at the top and Region beneath to it.

General settings option in IOS device

Step 3): Click on Language and select English( United States) from English(India).

Change language and region on IOS Phone

There will be no change in the language between English US and English India. So, there will no issue raising if you change it.

Step 4): Then open the YouTube app and check the units. If there isn’t anything changed and still in Indian units, go ahead with Step 5.

Step 5): After changing the language, it’s better to change the Region too.

Or if you get the units just by changing language, then no need for changing the region.

If you are too unlucky and still changing the format, you have to go with the below method. I recommend you continue with the new units because using a VPN just to change the units sounds weird.

if you can’t go with those lakhs and crores, follow the below steps.

Method 2: Modify the YouTube app stats from Lakhs to Millions

By using a VPN.

Step 1): Download any VPN( Virtual Private Network) app from the play store. For example Turbo VPN, Super VPN, etc.

Step 2): Open the app and sign up if asked. And then try connecting to the other country servers.

Step 3): If it’s working, then connect to the USA server and minimize the app. (If the app isn’t working, try another one).

Step 4): Now, open YouTube and check the format. Then, you can get the views and other stats in Kilos’ and Millions’.

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