Why you should not install adobe chrome plugin/ extension?

Why you should not install adobe chrome plugin or extension

Browsers are not only provide browsing and surfing along with it they provide much more functionality to us. For better user interaction and less time-consuming performance, they are providing plugin/extension features as an example Adobe plugin for google chrome.

Plugins are built on web languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP. they will minimize your effort so that you can enjoy browsing. You will not need more software because of different plugins will do their work, which will save your time along with your system memory space.

How to install a chrome  plug in/extension

It is easy to install an extension on Google. You just need these steps to complete the installation process:

  • At first launch Google chrome web browser.
  • Then you can go to the chrome web store.
  • Afterwards search for the extension you want.
  • Next click on Add to chrome (some extension will require some  permissions )
  • Add extension.

Note:  depending on the utility some will work automatically once you installed it. In some of them, you have to click manually on the extension’s icon when you need it.

Uninstall a Chrome  plug in/extension

Sometimes some extension crashes or we do not require the extensions anymore so we need to uninstall it. You just need these steps to complete the uninstall  process:

  • Similarly launch Google chrome.
  • Then click on  3 dots on the top right corner beside the address bar.
  • click on more tools.
  • Next you can select extensions.
  • In further find out the extension you want to remove
  • click on remove.
  • To confirm uninstall again click on remove.

Adobe plug in chrome

Adobe Acrobat recently introduced a new adobe extension for Google chrome users with their adobe acrobat reader dc update. This extension is only available for Windows users. This extension lets the user view PDF documents in Chrome. It also converts the web pages into the PDF file.

How to install Adobe plugin in chrome

  • Firstly launch google chrome.
  • Afterwards go to the chrome web store.
  • Search Adobe.
  • Click on Add to chrome.
  • Click Add extension.

Why you should not install adobe extension??

As I said adobe extension lets the user view PDF documents, download PDF documents and convert into PDF. But unfortunately without installing or using any extension, you can enjoy PDF files on google chrome. Because google chrome has a default integrated PDF reader so you don’t require any additional software or extensions to view PDF documents, download PDF documents and convert into PDF.

On the other hand, adobe extension required much more permission from the user. To improve the adobe for a user it asks for the “Adobe improvement program” if you enable it, the extension will send your data (your browsing data, history) to their web server.

Uninstall an Adobe plug in Chrome  

Adobe plug in provides so many features but as we get all these features with inbuilt Google chrome. And it also reduces your data privacy.  So why have to keep it anymore??

  • Firstly go to chrome manage tools
  • More tools
  • Extensions
  • Then find out adobe 
  • Click on trash icon ( besides the adobe)
  • Done.

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