Tips on How to Send a Password Protected Email

How to Send a Password Protected Email

Information security is the most important thing in today’s time as misuse of information can lead to very bad consequences. Thus, you should keep your email password-protected so that only the person who meant read that mail can see that message. Moreover, sending a password-protected email message or a mail with the protection of digital signatures, not a difficult task. There are some really easy ways to send an encrypted email. Some of those tools/methods are as follows:-


  • An online web-service where you enter your text in the email and a password which will be used for encryption and decryption of the message. The best feature of this email service is that if somebody tries to intercepts the message without password won’t get to see the original message. Also, this email service doesn’t require any download.


  • It is a Google Chrome extension which can be used to send an encrypted email. The mail will encrypt and decrypted in the google chrome web browser and remain in encrypted form in the email boxes of sender and receiver. Moreover, the message moves to the trash folder after some time. You use it to send emails to any email user.


  • This email protection service comes with end-to-end security protocol and it allows 10 free messages in a month after which you have to pay some cost. It encrypts the mail and as soon as you send it and get an automatically generated Registered Receipt which will show encrypted delivery and report of tracking that email.


  • This mail security service is easy to use and doesn’t require any download. Both the sending and receiving parties can use it for free. It encrypts the mail the very second you press “send” and it decrypted only when the recipient tries to retrieve it. The mail never remains in an unencrypted form during this time period. For more safety, it also verifies that the person who got the email is your intended recipient. Sendinc uses a randomly-generated encryption key and sends it to the recipient and without that encryption key, no one can read the message.


It is also a free mail security service which is web-based and easy-to-use. It is one of most used service to send an encrypted email and it comes with Paid plans which give you additional storage, technical support, desktop access, and unlimited email aliases.


It is a great service to send and receive confidential mails as it doesn’t take a backup of your email on the server. So, using this service nobody can check your email traffic. For using it, you can either go for “free plan” which has a limit of 15 MB or you can for “paid plan” which offers various additional features.

So, these are some of the best tools to keep your mail protected from any kind of wrongful activity and all they tried and tested. Hence, as per your convenience, you can opt for any of them.


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