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Quick Fix: Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notification

Snapchat is one of the different apps, unlike other social media apps, they have many unique features. Like, streak, snap, Bitmoji, etc, that’s why getting notifications from the app, helps us to maintain a streak. However, many Snapchat users are facing trouble, with receiving notifications.

In this article, we answered – Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notification. We have given seven ways to fix this problem.

Quick List: There are 7 ways to fix the problem where Snapchat notifications do not work

  1. Enable App Background Refresh
  2. Update Snapchat
  3. Allow Notification Permission for your smartphone
  4. Allow Snapchat to Use the Internet
  5. Restart Your Phone
  6. Reinstall Snapchat App
  7. Log out and Log in from Snapchat

Let’s see how you can able to enable Snapchat notifications by yourself just using the steps below.

Here’s How to Enable Snapchat Notification

The very basic reason for not getting notifications from Snapchat is that it might be disabled in the settings.

On this page, you will find a guide on how to enable Snapchat notifications on both Android and iPhone.

To Learn How to Enable Snapchat Notification on Android &Tablet Device

  • First of all, You can go to the Settings option on your appropriate smartphone device.
  • Then, You can navigate to Notifications or Search – Notifications
  • From these Notifications, You can search for the Snapchat Option.
  • Finally, You can enable Notifications for Snapchat App without getting any trouble on your end.

To Learn How to Enable Snapchat Notification on iPhone/iPad

  • Firstly, Open your iPhone device and go to the phone Settings here.
  • Next, You can go to the Notifications or Search – Notification.
  • Now, You can find Snapchat here.
  • Then, You can Allow Notification here.
  • Then, Select Notification Delivery to Immediate

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Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notification

Normally, when you enable notification and allow the app to run in the background and use the internet, you’ll receive notifications

To know why you aren’t getting Snapchat notifications, check these three things –

  • Snapchat Notification is turned on for your settings.
  • You’ve allowed Snapchat to run background.
  • You’ve allowed Snapchat to use the internet.

To find out just go to settings, and search ‘manage apps’, then find Snapchat and allow necessary permission.

However, in very rare cases, you aren’t getting notification because of a glitch or lag on the app.

In that case, updating or reinstalling the app can fix the problem. You can also restart the phone or remove the cache.

7 Easy Ways to Fix Snapchat Notification Not Working Problem

#1. Enable App Background Refresh

One of the key reasons, you aren’t receiving notifications is that you haven’t allowed apps to run in the background.

If the app doesn’t have permission to run in the background, it’ll only give a notification, when you open the app.

Here’s how to allow the app to run in the background –  

  • First of all, Open Settings & Go to General.
  • Then, Go to ‘Background App Refresh
  • Find Snapchat & Enable it

#2. Update Snapchat

Many times, apps have bugs and lags in an older version, this could be the potential reason you aren’t getting notifications. Updating the app to the latest version can solve the problem.

Update Snapchat – Play Store | App Store

#3. Allow the Notification Permission for your smartphone

The very basic reason for not getting notifications is that you haven’t allowed them. Of course, you can able to Enable or Allow/turn on notifications for Snapchat via mobile phone settings.

On Android, Go to Settings > and then Search ‘Manage Apps’ > Search Snapchat > Allow Notifications.

On iPhone, Go to Settings > Notifications > Snapchat > Allow Notification > Select Immediate in Notification Delivery.

#4. Allow Snapchat to Use the Internet

If you haven’t allowed Snapchat to use the internet, then it can’t load your snaps. You would not be able to use Snapchat if you haven’t allowed it to use the internet.

Here’s how to give Snapchat permission to use the internet.

Android –

  • Firstly, Open Snapchat & then go to Profile.
  • Now, you can tap on Settings. (Setting’s icon)
  • Next, all you need to do is just scroll down to Privacy Tab here.
  • Then, you can Tap on Permission.
  • Moreover, Give Snapchat all the required permission.

iPhone – 

  • Firstly, Open Snapchat > Profile > Settings.
  • Then, Scroll Down to the Find Additional Services tab.
  • Then, You can Tap on Manage > Permission.
  • Give Required Permissions.

#5. Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone will help you to restart all the apps. So, if there is in problem in notification delivery, it could be solved by restarting your phone.

#6. Reinstall Snapchat App

Of course, Reinstalling the app will delete all the previous files. This could potentially solve the notification problem of the Snapchat app.

#7. Log out and Log in from Snapchat

At last, try logging out from your account (remember the password) and then re-logging in again. Maybe Snapchat isn’t loading your snaps or messages, re-logging in can help in solving the issue.

Final Words

So, that’s how you can fix the Snapchat Notification issue. However, if any of these methods aren’t working try contacting Snapchat customer support. On the other hand, You can also comment down, on how you fix this problem. It will help the other readers to fix this issue if they are facing any problems.

Thanks for reading…

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