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Best 2FA APP (Two Factor Authentication Application)

As a matter of fact, Technology has taken a 180-degree turn in terms of security in the last few years. Of course, We are seeing a lot of sophisticated technology juts in our hands. We have face-unlock on our mobile phone. And a voice assistant in our home. This all seems unrealistic just a few years ago.

But even with this much advancement we still rely on traditional methods to access our account. Moreover, we still use passwords as the only source to unlock our devices. But that’s not viable in this digital age. Today as technology getting expansion around the globe. The vulnerable of devices getting misuse is also increasing.

We need a substitute to assure our accounts. This can be easily done with two-factor authentication (2FA). It is an excellent method to add extra security to your data and accounts.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

two-factor authentication (2FA) definition

Two-factor authentication, which is also known as multi-factor is an extra step of security we use to safeguard our accounts. It works as an additional wall to secure your data from any external threat.

At first, the idea behind this technology is very simple and reasonable. You can’t rely on a single password for your important data and accounts that’s not ideal. In fact, Your single password can easily guess or some case gets hacked after someone breach the database where your password is stored. If these things happen your information could be misused.

The two-factor authentication (2FA) is a great tool and moreover, It solves this vulnerable threat with a very wise solution. 2FA creates a secondary password which is also known as the OTP One-time password. This is a code that you’ll receive on your smartphone. Once you enter the first or primary password. This is a solid-proof idea to secure your account.

Because even after the hacker getting access to your primary password. He is no threat to your data until he has the secondary password or OTP code. This two-step verification makes it impossible for a hacker to access your account or data.

Alternatively, you also have a simple physical device called FIDO U2F which looks like pan-drive. It is acknowledged by many big companies like Facebook, and Google. You just have to plug the devices into your PC or Mobile phone and then touch the button on the device. This will automatically get you logged into your account.

There is technology in the world that is foolproof and 2FA is no exception. There is a certain risk involved as if you are using SMS or text messaging for receiving OTP. The information could be intercepted by hackers. But compared to having only a single password Two-factor authentication far exceeds the security parameter.

Google Authenticator

google authenticator application for android and IOS

Google Authentication is the number one 2FA. Moreover, it is free software available for Android and IOS devices. Also, it is very simple to use. Notably, It is very much recommended for a beginner who wants to get started in the two-factor authentication. To enable the google authenticator the user just has to enable the 2FA on the application or services they want such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook, etc. After you enabled the 2FA. The service or application will ask for you to scan a QR code from the application. If you are an android user then you may have to download a QR scanning app to get started with Google Authenticator.

LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator best two step verification 2fa application

LastPass is a very useful and free two-step verification application. It offers many great features like one-tap push notification for directly getting logged in to your account and access protected data. They run their youtube channel where they show you exactly how to utilize the application.

It works very simply, Whenever the account user, Enter his primary password and comes to the second verification. The LastPass shares a notification on your mobile phone, which tells you that someone ha requested to access your account. Either you can decline the request if it’s not you, Or you can allow and click on the confirmation button. This will send a message to LastPass to give you access to your account and data. You can always install their browser extension which helps you to choose and remember new passwords.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator best 2fa authentication

Microsoft authenticator is a very reputable two-factor authentication. They offer free services to multiple platforms like IOS, Android and Windows phones. The authenticator gets code from different websites like Facebook and Dropbox. It uses the same method of QR code. Not only this, but It also supports one-tap push notification similar to LastPass.

You can monitor all your logins and past users’ behavior. Microsoft Authentication is compatible with all devices. The only thing you have to do is to verify and approve the push-tap notification. It is very convenient when compared to other 2FA. Microsoft offers its Assurtity with this free product.


Authy Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is great but every service has its pros and cons. If you are using 2FA for any period. You would be familiar with the problem of struggling and getting into the hassles of re-enabling your token of authentication. Whenever you shift to a new phone.

Authy is determined to rectify this problem. The application keeps all the 2FA tokens. In their server which is hosted in the cloud backups. It’s very easy to enable this service you just have to Tik on the encrypted backups option. This will allow Authy to store the data on their server with your permission. Authy is compatible with multiple devices.


andOTP opensource and two factor authentication tool

andOTP is undoubtedly a great choice for 2FA. It is relatively new in the market. But offers a very great service. Its two-factor authentication is comparable to of that Google’s. The app does not charge anything and its free to use. andOTP is an open-source application and receive frequent updates from the developer around the globe. antOTP is compatible with the TOTP protocol.  The user experience of this application is very clean. It is very simple to use and offers a  lot of value to the users. You just have to give the andOTP a few android permission. Which you can read more about in their play store description.


Two-factor authentication is the need of this age. You can’t rely on a generic password for density information and accounts. We have tried to bring you the factor authenticators apps available on the internet.

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