Learn How Can You Start Text Conversation With Girl?

Learn How to start a conversation with girl

Maybe the girl you like also likes you or both of you have many things in common. In which you both can have a very good tuning, maybe a perfect life partner. But all this is not going to happen in one day. This can definitely happen when you keep talking to her. Texting is a great way to start a conversation, therefore you’ve to learn how can you start a text conversation with a girl.

When you don’t know how to swim it’s not a good idea to jump into the sea and compete with sharks. Just like that, it is an art to be friendly to a woman. Do not talk to her without knowing how to start a healthy conversation.

Don’t talk directly to a girl you like, start a little conversation via text. When you text her you’ll get a little idea about that person and that’s a gem. Every person is different from one another, when you start the conversation in the text you’ll get little idea about that person.

What they like or dislike, and then act accordingly.

What we will cover in this article in a Nutshell

  • Compliment her
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Sense of Humour
  • Share Common Interest
  • Be Yourself

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5 Easy Ways on How to Start a Text conversation with Girl

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Ideally, many of you know the universal method of starting a conversation with a girl. It’s easy if you are on Instagram or on any other social media platform. You just have to check their stories and reply to them, if she knows she will definitely reply.

But these 5 Ways not only help you to reach out there but to start a truly interesting and good conversation.

1. Give Her Compliments 

Learn the art of compliment not only for girls but it will help you in both personal and professional life!

Actually flirting has its own magic, but a compliment is a gentlemanly thing. Figure out anything nice and genuine about her, and just tell her. Actually, when you overthink somebody’s reaction you won’t be able to do that thing, so you’ve to take a decision in the first minute.

While looking at her profile or if you’ve known her in person, figure out one thing you liked about her, and message her. Like: ‘You look gorgeous in that outfit/dress’ or ‘ I must say you have a lovely smile’ 

Everybody loves compliments but the thing is, they should be genuine. If you’re following her on social media, and she has uploaded a story and you’ve liked something about that story you can reply to her on that story. Of course, this is a great and effective way to initiate start a conversation with a girl.

You can use this skill, to talk to anyone apart from social media also!

2. Introduce Yourself

When you meet someone, who doesn’t know you perfectly, you should first introduce yourself. I’m not talking about- Hey I’m Elon Gates, I’ve worked for Microsoft and SpaceX’ .

It’s not a formal meeting, introduce yourself means talking about your interest, hobbies, or some favorite things. What kind of person you’re, what you like and dislike, and ask her too. This thing really helps you to make good tuning.

By doing this, you can observe her reply to you. If you’re writing a long paragraph, and her reply is too short like – Ok’, ‘Hmm..’  that means she isn’t interested in the conversation. Look for punctuation and emoji(S), that will also help you Identifying her interest.

On the other hand, if she’s replying long or asking open-ended questions that means she’s interested in the conversation. If you want to have an interesting conversation try to reply by taking the same space, observe her speed of typing, If she’s typing slow, you don’t need to bombard her with your message showing how fast you can type. Basically, starting a normal conversation with a girl is like breaking a big iceberg.

3. Sense of Humor

Smiley Image - Sense of Humor

Not only girls, but everyone admires a man with a fantastic sense of humor. Plus with the help of humor, you can easily start your conversation with Girl. Just pass light-hearted comments on any of her posts or on the common interests you share.

Like, ‘Hey F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fan, joey is a lot smarter than you think, you’re underestimating him’ anything short, sweet, and light-hearted is the best way to start a conversation with any girl.

You can develop a sense of humor by being spontaneous, a sense of humor isn’t telling silly jokes. If you observe you will find a guy, with whom you’ve laughed more and that type of person you like most. They don’t take a Book of Jokes with them, just the timing and the way they speak are filled with humor. And this works in texting also, you just have to take things lightly, and be spontaneous with your words!

4. Share Common Interest While Starting a Text Conversation With Girl

We often like people, who are similar or like us. Think about yourself with whom you want to hang out, a group of people who haven’t have any interest in the things you like, or with the people who share a common interest with you.

I’m sure with the above methods you can definitely start a text conversation with a girl, but to start it and come at the level of friendship, you need to find the common interest both of you share.

Just be open about your interest, hobbies, and things you like. Whenever you find anything you and she have an interest in, talk about it. It’s easy to start a conversation about the things you’re passionate about. You can try to start a conversation when both are mutual interests in the same area. For example, if you like traveling and she also interested in the same area, then you can try to start a conversation about your experience in travelings.

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5. Be Yourself

Quote about Confidence - Be Yourself

People try to fake themselves when they try to impress someone they like. This happens because of lower self-esteem and they think people won’t like them if they are themselves.

Actually, by faking your personality you’re cheating yourself and others also. It’s good to impress people but find that peoples, who accept you as you are.

So these were the 5 Easy methods on how to start a text conversation with a girl. Of course, if you learned this method and follow it thoroughly, you can easily start a conversation with girls. Surely these things will help you in your personal life but they will also benefit you in your professional career.

If you want to Dive deep into this topic of communication skills and how to start a conversation. I will recommend a great book by Dale Carnegie, ‘How to win friends & influence people’ 


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