Easy Guide on How to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

Easy Guide on How to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

Are you a Ring Doorbell user? You might have complained about, why can’t I re-watch the video without a subscription. More or less it will cost you $3- $10, but are you paying this for watching motions in front of your door. This is an easy guide to save the Ring Doorbell Video without the need for any subscription.

The methods We’re going to talk about are unofficial and Ring can change it anytime in their updates, so all the methods are not forever. But if you want that feature for serious security reasons, go for a subscription but if you want it in general or just want to test that feature, you can follow our easy guide.

How Ring Doorbell Records Video?

To understand how to save the ring doorbell video, you need to understand how Ring Doorbell records video.

Ring Doorbell is a smart device, it can sense motion, unlike the ordinary doorbell. And when it records motion it will send it to its cloud storage with the internet you provide. That’s also the reason you can see live on what’s happening in front of your door from anywhere in the world.

And when you want to re-watch the video or save and download the video, you’ve to ask for that video from Ring’s Server, because recorded videos aren’t on your local server. They’ll keep all the videos for 60 days as per their privacy policy. Now, when they charge you for this server is because you can save that video on your local server. Now, this is the easiest way till now, to save your video on the local server.

Easiest Way to Save Ring Doorbell video

This method doesn’t require any coding or any technical skills, simple a video recording app. You can save your live recording by doing screen recording.

On many phones, you can have the option of screen recording in the notification tab. Or you could have your phone’s own app, just search in google. Another way to get a screen recording app is to use 3rd Party App from App Store or Play Store.

A question that arises on your brain cells is you need to keep the screen recorder on 24/7. Yes when doing screen recording, is essential that something has run on the screen to be recorded. But keeping your screen on 24/7 to record video, doesn’t make sense.

A possible case scenario is to keep your live recording ON when it’s essential. Now it’s all up to you when you want to keep recording ON.

Some alternatives require basic knowledge of programming and coding, I personally like YouTube for quick learning situation like this, they are:

1. Ring Hassio

Ring Hassio will provide you an extension, which will help you to record video periodically. You’ve to use that extension with Home Assistant, as it will help you to have Ring Video on the dashboard although you’ve to write a script to run this.

2. Python:

 You’ve to use python programming to program your Ring Doorbell to record video. This video can help: Ring Doorbell


It’s complicated to save Ring Doorbell Video on your local server, but you can learn some technical skills by encoding the task. Or if the challenge seems boring to you, you can always take a subscription to record videos.

Ring suggests not to use these techniques, to get recorded video. They can block or remove your Ring Account, also Ring can counter these techniques by just doing a little policy change.

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