How to impress girl on Instagram

How to impress girl on Instagram

Have you lost your heart while scrolling on the Instagram wall? Are you finding the way to get it back? Are you thinking about How to impress girl on Instagram? Don’t worry! Let me be your LoveGuru.

The generation is changing day by day. A half-generation before it was quite simple to impress a girl. Also, there were only a few ways opened to express the romanticism. The most common way in that era was simply flirting with them or expressing your feelings by phone call.

Let me tell you the reality, my friend. Though it sounds very simple to do it’s too risky in did. So it’s time to go with the low-risk method. Here come the social media to be your pigeon to carry your message or feelings to your “crush”.

Best Tips for how to impress girl on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform nowadays. Though there is a lot of dating application to go for dating with strange girls by impressing them there, it is not as cool as it sounds. Finding true love on Instagram is a gentleman’s job.  So it’s the time to be a gentleman with a grown man’s guide. There is a lot of do and don’ts when you are trying to impress a girl on Instagram.

#1 Follow her before you go for DMs

Instagram Strange Sample Profile

If you want someone’s attention on Instagram firstly you need to follow her to enlighten your presence. If she follows you back the story starts here.  But if she rejects your request doesn’t send the request again and again. It will create a bad impact on you. Wait for at least 3 months and try again.

#2 Don’t like every single post of her

Instagram Conversation with girl

Mass liking on someone’s profile is a terrible idea. Don’t like more than one or two photos of a single girl every day. Like different types of posts of her. If you only like the selfies or sexy photos it will create a bad impact. Don’t like her sexy posts frequently because women know what after if someone focusing on sexy photos only.

#3 Make comments on their posts with a question

Leaving a comment on someone’s post with a question is a very good idea to somehow start the conversation. Comment or the question should be in a non-aggressive way. Make a question on the surrounding or the situation of the photo not on the look. Make questions about the place, food, or he enjoyed the trip or not.

#4 Don’t send a creepy DM

Sending a direct message to someone is a bit forward step to convince a girl. Leave a tasteful message. Be funny, light, and smooth while messaging someone and try to be more engaging. Don’t be too much straight forward. Maintain a calm and cool conversation. It’s like a permeating of a company. So keep good behavior on your first appearance. Talk about what she likes. Show little care of her. Be perfect in everything don’t misspell or don’t be over frank.

#5 Never send multiple DM to a Single girl

There are some things you have to maintain while you are choosing social media flirting to impress a girl. Never be so creepy by showing over excitement. Repeating the same message again and again or sending continuous messages desperately can create a leachy image of you. In such behavior, you must be avoided by the girl. If your crush has felt it previously and she read the message and didn’t reply, give her little time then continue the conversation. Don’t repeat the same thing try to talk out of the topic.

#6 Control your emotions and words

Don’t say anything weird that you never can say in person. Try to control your excitement and curiosity while talking with her. You have to control your emotions; overreacting in any situation can give a U-turn to the story.

#7 Now give some hint to take it online

Once you have been enough familiar to each that’s the time to take the story in offline mode. As you have taken the conversation from a DM to a video call so there is no reason to waste more time. Don’t stretch online conversation too much and fix an offline date. If you are right for each other than wasting time on social media is nothing but missing the opportunities to live the love life.

#8 Don’t trap in words while asking for a date

Be straightforward while you are proposing for a date. Sending a mixed signal is not a good idea. It’s time to meet in person. Hiding behind the devices for the long term can spoil the time.

#9 Drop a hint then let it go

If she is not getting too much familiar with you and you are not finding safe to say your feelings or propose for a date, give her a hint and step back for a few days. Give her enough time to think about you. If somehow she misses you, she definitely connects you again.

#10 Continue online incidents in offline mode

When you will be dating each other, don’t talk on something serious or foolish topic in your first few meetings. You can start your conversation from where you stopped in an online platform or the topics you discussed there. Be enough informed about her likes and dislikes, and food or drink preferences from the online conversation. surprise her by ordering one of her favorite dish and rest leave for her.

So these are the expert tips on how to impress girl on Instagram. It’s the time to change your relationship status, single to engaged. These expert tips will give you ideas of what to do and what not. Follow them carefully because a single mistake can ruin your love life.

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