How To Zoom In On Google Slides & Zoom Out?

To Learn How to zoom in on Google slides

Google Slides is a freeware replacement platform for Microsoft PowerPoint, which is very demanding but requires membership. You can easily create, update, analyze and present your slide presentation with PowerPoint, but some features paid competitors lack. Understanding how to zoom in and out in Google Slides is a great approach to improving your work output and your performance in the app. Google slides is easy to use the app.

But if you are a new user or working on the Google slide for the first time then operating its features especially the zooming in and out can cause inconvenience because there is no zoom magnifier or even hotkeys don’t work. So you must be searching for how to zoom your Google slide. Then you choose the right spot for searching. I will solve all of your queries In this writing piece.

To Learn How To Zoom Google Slides For Window Users?

  • For the keyboard shortcut keys, you can zoom in by pressing the ctrl and Alt, plus buttons simultaneously.
  • For zooming out you can use the same button as for zooming in (ctrl, Alt) but in place of the plus sign you have to press the button, according to the simple rule plus sign-in to zoom in and ios minus sign to zoom out.

Another way to zoom in on Google slides

The first way to zoom in and out on Google Slides is to use the Explore setting bar:

First procedure

  • Go to the Settings. To begin with, this strategy, go to the menu panel and click Display. This setting is the third thing out from the left, and it’s on the upper corner of the screen. The Display option is located among Edit and Insert in the top bar.

how to zoom in on google slides

  • Button to ZoomSelect the View option. Whenever you select Browse, a menu bar appears. After that, select Zoom from the setting box.

how to zoom in on google slides

  • Zoom in or zoom out. A new drop-down option displays once you click on Zoom from the settings. Zoom in and Zoom out are the last two choices on this list. For the presentations you’re working on, select the relevant choice of slides.

how to zoom in on google slides

Did you know how to turn down Zoom volume? If not, then click here to follow these step-by-step instructions.

For Mac users

Mac users need to use the control button and the plus sign on the keyboard at the same time to zoom.

  • For zooming out it is the same as the window user. Press command and use the – button instead of the plus sign.
  • To zoom on the Google slides by the menu bar, all you have to do is to locate the zoom option from your menu.
  • You can find the zoom slider on the left-hand side. A magnifying glass and a + sign embedded in it will present the zoom sign.
  • You can find a small arrow adjacent to this. Press this small arrow and you will get a list of further options as a menu.
  • Scroll down this list and at the end, you will find two options. One is for zooming in and the other is for zooming out.
  • By pressing any of these you will get your result.
  • There is also one more way to zoom the slides and it is the same as the one I described earlier. But you can zoom the Google slides more than once with just one click as compared to this method.
  • In this method, click on the view from the view option which is on the left side of the toolbar after the edit option.
  • Few options will appear on your screen. It will be the 3rd number on the list.
  • Click on zoom it will give you further 2 options of zooming out or zooming in.
  • You can choose any option according to your work

 For Smartphone function

Now you can also download PowerPoint on your gadgets. For zooming the slides in and out first upload your slide on the phone. There are some slides displayed on the bottom of your screen with a small window view.

Go to the desired slide. Place your two fingers on the slides then pull away. This will zoom in on your content, for zooming out to minimize the distance between your fingers or just move your finger inward on the screen. This is the quickest approach to zoom in on Google Slides.

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