How To Turn Down Zoom Volume- Help Guide

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All you need to know is How To Turn Down Zoom Volume?

If you are using the zoom application for work or for your classes frequently. So, most of us are having problems and think is there a way in which we can only lower the volume of zoom. Here we are going to solve all the problems and will let you know how you can do it with proper demonstration.

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How many methods we can use to lower the volume of zoom meeting conferences?

Mainly there is two option available to lower the volume in the zoom. Either you can decrease the volume by going to the audio setting in the zoom and either you can lower the volume directly from the device. So, here we are now going to discuss how we can decrease the volume in the step-by-step methods.
If you are working it another person and having the zoom meeting in the same room then you can have trouble listening to audio. There is an option in the computer setting from there you can do it. But most people prefer to decrease it from the main device. Here, we will discuss both methods.

Changing the volume from the audio settings

First, we will know about the audio setting of the zoom.
Step1:- Go to the window then, click on the zoom app there. A new dialogue box will appear in front of you.

Zoom Application for windows system

Step2:- You will see the mic option in the bottom left. There will be an arrow behind it. Click on it. A small dialogue box will come in front of us. Click on the Audio setting option at the end.

Windows Audio Settings screen and list of option screen

Step3:- A small dialogue box will appear on the screen with some volume setting options. Drag the volume you want to keep and then click on Ok. Then automatically the sound will be adjusted on the volume.

Windows Audio page adjust volume up/down the sound setting screen

How to adjust the volume from the computer device itself?

Step1:- Go to the right side of the desktop. There you will see a sound icon at the corner of the screen. Click on the icon below it and a small dialogue box will appear in front of us. On the top an option will come as an open volume mixer then you will have to click on that option.

Right side of the desktop open volume mixer option screen

Step2:- There is different volumes option available use to decrease or increase the volume of the app. Then automatically the volume will be adjusted according to the preferences.

Windows Zoom Application adjust volume progress bar screen

What is the use of recording audio and testing voice in the setting of voice?

Sometimes we want to see another video while we having the meeting at that time and if we increase the volume to listen to the video, automatically the volume of zoom meeting also increases with it and we are facing the problem of hearing the audio of the video.

If you do not know how must sound you will need to adjust the window. below you will find the test sound option you can click on that and adjusted the sound after hearing it. You can also use the recording option on the dialogue box.

Then click on the recording option then say one word and hear your voice and then adjusted the sound according to your desire. There is also an automatic option provided in that dialogue box with having four options Null, Low, medium, and high. You can also click any of the above options.

What are stem ecosystems and why do people prefer to buy them?

Of course, You can also use Stem Ecosystem that helps to adjust the volume controls of the zoom. It is a device that can be used to connect 5 devices and also adjust the volume of the devices. It also provides you with high-quality audio and the cost of this device is very cheap as it is just a small device which can be also used for zoom meeting conferences to give a better sound quality.

And you can also adjust the volume with the device. So, here we have all the methods how you can lower the volume of the zoom meeting to reduce the disturbance if you are doing some other work or talking to a person in the same room. Do, follow these steps correctly to get the benefits of the methods.

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