How to write a job inquiry email

How to write a job inquiry email

Do you feel overwhelmed to write a job inquiry email?

Job inquiring letters are one of the most important parts of job hunting. It is a very simple concept, You apply for jobs or position that doesn’t have public opening or advertisement. Job inquiry email sometimes also refers to as cold emails. If you want a job in a particular company or organization. then this method could be a great way to reach your potential employer.

If your resume is strong and you believe that it suits the company interests. Then you can potentially land a job or at least an interview call from the HR manager. Thoroughly go through the below information and learn how to write a job inquiry email. I have also attached some samples and examples of a job email inquiry.

Why people write a job inquiry email?

A job inquiry email shows your keen interest in that particular company. The reason for that is you are taking external efforts to apply for a job position. Because there are no advertisements or opening for the public. Your enthusiasm and proactive approach can reward you with a job and an interview call. Even in case, there is no opening the hiring team can consider you for future position or approach higher-authority to reconsider for their job openings.

Companies are very well connected with other organizations. If your resume is great then the hiring team may refer you to another company with a letter of recommendation. This will significantly increase your chances of landing a job.

Finding the right person

It is very necessary to find the right person before you apply for a job inquiry. Having contact with the company person significantly increases your chances of getting a response. There are a few points that you can remember while addressing your job inquiry. Avoid using generic terms from email writing Ex – Dear Madam or Sir.

If you have information about the person whom you are writing this email to. Then specially mention their name, If you do not know their name you can take the help of LinkedIn. Look for the company on the website and search for the persona responsible for hiring. In most cases, it will be the HR manager.

What should you add to your job inquiry email?

It can be a Mahomet task to come up with the perfect email pitch. But it’s certainly very hard. If you follow some instruction you may come close to a perfect job pitch. The basic motive behind writing this cold emails to the company. Is to show your interest and enthusiasm into the organization.

Adding to that it also gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills and experience that you may have in relevant fields. Job inquiry email is an opportunity to convince the company that you can become a valuable asset for the organization.

Writing a job inquiry is similar to responding to a job advertisement. But in this case, We are also required to consider the concise of the other person. Because they are not expecting this email from you. The general rule of thumb would be that you are creating awareness about yourself to the other person.

Let’s start with some basics. Your writing tone should be professional and does not have a jargon vocabulary. It should be on point and precise. Writing your whole life-story may not help the hiring team who are short of time for random emails like yours. You are required to declutter and remove any words which are not adding any value to the sentence. Other than increasing the length of the text.

Ex of bad writing – I was working for about 20 years in a corporation that has a similar business as yours. 

Ex of good writing – I have 20 years of experience in your company domain.

Try to make your email short and full of information. Also, be polite in your tone. Do not share a casual talk in your email. Even if you are referring to an experience in your email, Make it look professional and remove any incidents which are not relevant to the specific topic.

Have you ever receive a cold call selling you credit cards. Aren’t they annoying? Yes, they certainly are. The reason for that is people who are cold calling you are not interested in their jobs. And they are just meeting their goals for daily customers.

But have ever notice that some cold callers are extremely good at persuasion that convince you to buy a credit even though you already have one. This is the art of persuasion. When you are writing this email think like you are selling your skills to the company.

You do not have the privilege of the job description in cold inquiring. So you have to make assumptions about what specific description and skills. And need to highlight them in the email. You would be relying heavily on your experience for such cold emails.

Sample of job inquiry email.

While writing this job inquiry letter. Make use of these guidelines which are specially designed for such emails. You should follow them not exactly like they are, But make changes according to your needs.

Keep your resume handy when you are writing this letter. Mention statistics and information correctly that should match your resume. It should not be like you wrote 12 years’ experience in resume and 20 in the email. Be consistent with the data. You can copy the particular format in your google docs or word file. And use the guidelines as markup for your letter.

Sample of job inquiry email letter

The correct method to post your job inquiry letter.

There are mainly two ways to send your job inquiry letter either by physically sending the letter to the company address. Or use email to send your files and other information digitally. For this blog, we are specifically targeting the second option. Use an appropriate subject line for your job inquiry letter. Send a follow-up after 14 days if you do not get any response. You can also use the first option to physically send your documents. That has a high probability of getting a response.

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