How To Switch Back To A Personal Account On Instagram 2023

How To Switch Back To A Personal Account On Instagram 2023

Instagram offers two types of accounts for the users. One is professional and the other is a personal Instagram account. For the personal account, you’ll get only limited features. It’s for those people who want to share their pictures only with family and musketeers. It’s a safe place for similar people. While in a professional account, anyone can see your picture and shoot your dispatches. So the question then is how to switch back to a personal account on Instagram 2023.

It’s the problem that’s faced by those people who want to switch to a personal account or those who are using two different accounts. The reason for the account switching can be numerous. 

Effects To Keep In Mind While Switching To A Particular Account

There are a lot of effects that you to consider before switching to a personal account. There are veritably lower chances for these effects to be. But since these effects have happened with the same account holder you have to manage these before the switching process. 

  1. Save the important dispatches and commentary before the switching. Because there are high that the data might lost in this process.
  2. Save the pictures and videos that you want to keep in your account.
  3. If possible also coagulate the data on Instagram. Because it’ll help you restore precious information and other data after the switching process.

Steps For How To Switch Back To A Personal Account On Instagram 2023

There are ways that you have to follow to switch back your professional account to your account. Make sure that you do this way as it is. As this is the only process to do this. 

  1.  First of all, You can log in to your account by using the correct Instagram account credentials. If you have done already just open the Instagram application. Instagram application icon
  2.  Now click on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the app. Instagram profile icon
  3. Now the interface will change. You have to tap on the three vertical lines present at the top right corner of the runner. Instagram three horizontal line
  4. From then click on the option saying “Settings and privacy”. Instagram settings and privacy option
  5. Now scroll down and tap on the option saying “Business tools and controls”. Business tools and controls option
  6. Next, You just little scroll down on your screen and click on the “Switch account type” option. Switch account type option in Instagram
  7. Then, tap on the “Switch to personal account” option. Switch to personal account option
  8. When clicking on this option, a small popup will appear and ask for confirmation. If you really want to switch your account to personal, click on the “Switch to personal account” option. Switch to personal account popup confirmation
  9. That’s all. Your account status has been changed.
  10. By default, your account privacy is set to “Public”. If you want to change your Instagram privacy from public to private, go to the “Settings and Privacy” option. Instagram settings and privacy option
  11. Then scroll down this page, tap on the “Account Privacy” option.Instagram account privacy
  12. From this Account privacy section, Tap on the “Private account” option. Tap on Instagram private account option
  13. If you have a professional account also you’ll see an option saying “Switch back to a personal account”. By taping on this option and finishing your choice. You can fluently switch your account. 
  14. And if you have any change of mind later you can switch back to the professional account.

Difference Between Professional and Personal Account

There are no major differences between the personal and professional accounts. The main difference is the presence of analytics. The professional account comes with tools to manage accounts and further. While a personal account lacks all these effects. But a personal account is proper in all senses.

Because it’s used only for family and musketeers. If you want to earn from Instagram you can only do this if you have a professional account. You can change the accounts anytime. Just be conservative towards your account data. 


In conclusion, Here is how to switch back to a personal account on Instagram 2023. The process of switching accounts isn’t tough. But you can lose your data in this process. So if you have some important data, It’s advised to produce a backup head at first.

A professional account is a public account, where anyone can reach you. But a personal account is safer. Then you’ll have your circle of musketeers and family and then you can express your studies more freely. So not everyone feels comfortable with a professional account.

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