How to share an Amazon cart For Others

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The process of sharing an Amazon shopping cart with a friend or someone else

In this article, I’ll share how to share an Amazon cart. There can be several occasions when we wish to share our entire Cart with others. Maybe your friend wants you to select products for them, Or you have built a great pc and want to share the parts you have used. But to share individual links of all products can be so tedious, And time-consuming. For this reason, there is an intelligent way that you could use to share carts instantly.

One of these methods is called sharing through Extension. Here, A third-party plugin copies all the link automatically and create a shareable link for your Amazon cart. While there are many plugins, we will be using Share A Cart as this is one of the most used plugins.

How to download and Install Share A Cart from Web Store?

Step-1: First of all, You can visit the Google Chrome Webstore or click on the following link.

Step-2: Now click on the Search the Store button, And then you can enter Share A Cart in the search bar.

Share A cart extension on google chrome browser

Step-3: Then, You can click on the Plugin and install the same on your device.

Share A Cart Plugin

Step-4: Copy the link on the chrome plugin and share the same with the person with whom you want to share your Cart, and ask them to install it on the computer to which they want to use Amazon.

Step-5: After both of you have the Extension, you can now focus on sharing the Cart with another one.

How to Create Share ID and Receive A Cart from other ends?

Step-1: Firstly, Visit the website or click on the given link to be redirected.

Step-2: Once you are on the website, click on the Cart icon from the top-right side of your screen.

Step-3: After you see the Cart you wish to share, click on the Extension tab on the chrome ribbon.

Step-4: From here, Choose the Share A Cart option.

Step-5: Now, it will ask you whether you wish to share the Cart or receive it. Click on the Create Card ID button to generate a unique code for your Amazon cart.

Share A cart "Create Cart ID" button

Step-6: Now, share the code with the person you wish to share your card.

Amazon Cart ID code

Step-7: Ask them to Visit and click on the Extension -> share a cart and click on the receive button.

Receive cart button for amazon cart page

Step-8: Once the other person has clicked on the received button, they should paste the code that you share with them.

Paste the code and use it for another end

Step-9: Once to do that, It will automatically create a new cart with the same products as yours.

Amazon shopping cart page

Is it Safe?

Yes, using this Plugin is safe as it doesn’t take any information other than cart links. Even if you don’t have to sign up with the application, It is all free. The Plugin makes money through affiliate marketing by adding its referral link to earn a small commission from Amazon.

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