How To Save Videos From Pinterest on Computer/Android/iPhone

How To Save Videos From Pinterest on Computer/Android/iPhone

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As a matter of fact, Pinterest is one of the perfect social media platform to save images and videos from different sources. According to Wikipedia data, Pinterest has a large social network and having more than 400 million online proactive users. Of course, while watching videos on Pinterest many users don’t know how to save those videos for their appropriate local device. If you are the same kind of user then follow the below step-by-step instructions.

To Learn How How To Save/Download Videos From Pinterest

Identically, You can able to watch all Pinterest mp4 videos and the video GIF online. But it won’t allow storing videos for your preferred location. Moreover, the only trick is you can copy the video link and download this kind of video using a free online Pinterest video downloader.

How to save Videos from Pinterest on a computer

Step-1: Firstly, open and log in to your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Home page on Computer

Step-2: Then, find the video you want to download using the top Pinterest search box.

Using this Pinterest Search box for find the video

Step-3: Afterwards,  you can click the save button. This can be saved in your own created board.

Pinterest save pins

Step-4: If you don’t want to save this pin and must download this video then you can click on the “Download” icon.

Click Pinterest download icon

Step-5: Now you can click the “Copy link” option here.

Choose Copy Link Option

Once your link is copied, then it shows “link copied”.

Display Link Copied

Step-6: Next, go to the following link on your web browser:-

Open Keep Flick Website

Step-7: Then you can paste the copied Pinterest video link here.

Paste Copied Pinterest Video URL

Step-8: In further, you can click the “download” button.

Using Download button for Pinterest Video

Next, you can confirm the download button again. That’s it. Now you have easily downloaded a Pinterest video without any problems.

Download Confirmation

(Note: Usually Pinterest videos download here in Mp4 format.)

Save Pinterest videos in alternative link:-

If you have any issues during the video download for the above-mentioned link(, then you can try the below link: –

The above link also working well and you can able to download any videos on Pinterest.

How to Download Videos from Pinterest on Android/iPhone

Step-1: In like manner, Open and log in to your appropriate Pinterest Account for Android/iPhone mobile.

Open Pinterest Mobile App

Step-2: Find and click the Pinterest video which you want to download for your mobile device.

Find Pinterest Video want to download

Step-3: Next, click on the three-dot icon underneath the top-down corner.

Click the horizontal three dots icon for Pinterest

Step-4: In further, you can choose the “Copy link” option here.

Choose Copy Link Option

Then you will get the “Link copied!” notification for your mobile screen.

Links Copied Notification on Mobile

Step-5: Moreover, go to any mobile browser application.

Step-6: You can open the link below to download videos for your browser.

Experts PHP Pinterest Video Download page

Step-7: In this site textbox, you can paste the Pinterest video URL link.

Paste the Pinterest Video Link

Step-8: After all, you can click on the “Download” button.

Pinterest Video Download Processing

Step-9: Now it displays video/mp4 and some other file formats. You can choose your desired file format and then click the “Download Link” button.

Video Download Preview and quality


Using Download Link to save Pintrest Video

(Note: – Here shows mp4 format only for video download. On the other hand, you can choose JPEG/PNG, then it will download only video images so far.)

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