To Learn how to change cash app pin Android/iPhone

To Learn how to change cash app pin Android/iPhone

Are you using the cash app account on your mobile phone? And you don’t know how to reset the pin, then this tutorial will help your needs.

Of course, we all know that the cash app is one of the best peer-to-peer applications that helps to transfer money instantly to anyone. This app helps to pay the bill for restaurant, shopping mall, sharing money with your friend and family members, etc.

Assume, if you forgot cash and come from outside who can help you? Don’t worry! The cash app helps a lot with this situation.

Identically, the Cash app is similar to all other payment apps. The only thing is the sender and receiver both are using this app, then it will possibly less than a minute to make a transaction in this digital world. So hereafter no need to bring a debit card in your wallet and stop searching a nearby ATM machine.

On the other hand, the Cash app cares about your money transactions safe and secure. That’s why before transfer money they ask for the appropriate pin or fingerprint/touch id for each and every activity. Obviously, If your pin is correct, the cash app processing the request very quickly. In order to set a new pin here, you can go to the security tab.

Although this may be true, if you are a new user here, you can add a bank account first. Once successfully added, go ahead anywhere with the help of this app.

I noticed that some of the users don’t know here how to change the cash app pin. For the first time, peoples created pin something else. Then they want to change the pin because of some reason. At the same time, if forgot the cash app pin, then it’s big trouble during transactions so far.

For all things considered, here are the simple steps to reset the cash app pin without any issues.

Steps for How to Change the Cash App Pin

Step-1: First of all, open the cash app on your android mobile or iPhone device.

Step-2: Then after you can tap the profile icon for the top right corner of this app.

Tap the Profile Icon for CashApp

Step-3: Then,  it will show the list of options. You choose “Privacy & Security”.

Cash App choose privacy and security

Step-4: For this security page, you find the option named “Change Cash PIN”. Click on it.

Click Change Cash Pin option

(For iPhone users, when you click this option, It’s asking to verify your identity (Touch ID). Hold your finger and then it will go to the next page.)

Verify Identity for Touch ID Cash App

Step-5: Next, you can enter the new 4 or 6 digit cash pin. That’s it. Now, you are resetting the cash app pin successfully. In further,  you can use this new pin for all upcoming transactions.

Input new Pin for Cash App

Note:- Once your pin is changed, you will get the notification for your linked email-id or phone number. Still, any issues persist, contact the cash app customer service, and asked for help regarding this.

At the present time, changing your pin is periodically being the one best way to secure your account so far.

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