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How to program a GE universal remote without codes

Of course, the GE universal remote may use multifunctional way in many other gadgets, apart from just your TV. These may include a DVD player and many other devices that support the same antenna system. To program your remote, you would require GE codes for a universal remote. But if you are in a situation where you don’t have those codes, how could you program your remote? Lucky you, There are ways in which you could easily program your remote without codes.

You just have to follow the article’s instructions, and then you can easily do the same by yourself. The best part about this method is that you are only going to do this once, And that means getting this done in a few minutes can save you the havoc of spending hours trying different codes. For your ease, I’ll be sharing a couple of methods to program your GE remote using the Code Search Method and Number Search method.

How to program your GE remote using the Code Search Method

Step-1: First of all, You can make sure that all your gadgets turn on during this process.

Step-2: Now, you should hold your GE universal remote near your TV or, for that matter, any devices to which you’re trying to program.

Step-3: Take a look at your GE universal remote and find the ‘Set Up’ button from the given options. Once you do, Now press that and hold the following button until the LED button on your remote gets turned on.

Press and hold the button
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Step-4: Look for the right Component button on your devices and then press it. What you can see are the component buttons. For Television, it is TV. For the DVD player, it is a DVD. On the other hand, For the Cable box, It is CBL. Whatever device that you are trying to connect, click on that.

Remore input Tv, Dvd & Cable box
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Step-5: Now, keep pressing the releasing the Power button on your remote control till the time your device is turned off. When you press the button, The remote is actually scanning through the database for the codes of your correct device. If your device gets turned off, This indicates the correct code has been found.

Press and release power button and gets code
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Step-6: Once the code is found, The next step should be to save the same in your database. Click on the Enter button on your remote to save the following code.

Step-7: Lastly, You should click on the Power button again so that your code can be saved.

How to program your GE remote using the Number Search method

Step-1: Make sure all devices are on.

Step-2: Hold your remote close to your device.

Step-3: Find the ‘Setup’ button, And hold it until the LED button is on.

Find setup button and hold led is turn on
Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezTtPixSb0Q

Step-4: Choose the Component button that fits your device. For DVD -> DVD Player, TV -> Television, CBL -> Cable Box

Step-5: With the Number button, Press 9-9-1.

Step-6: Now click and hold the Power button with the channel plus button together until the device is off.

Click hold and power button
Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezTtPixSb0Q

Step-7: Now save the code in the database, But click on the Enter button.

Step-8: Lastly, You should click on the Power button again so that your code save without getting into any trouble.

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