How To Play 8 Ball On iMessage {Step By Step Guide}

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In this article, I’ll share how to play 8-ball on iMessage. 8-ball pool is the king of online games, and you would find that almost everyone from every continent loves this game. This is a perfect example of strategy and the use of your reflexes.

Although, there are several native applications that you can download from the store and play. But nothing compares to the joy of playing this with your friends on iMessage. The article will take you step-by-step with instructions to download the game and then start the same to play together.

How to download and install the 8-Ball pool game using iMessage

Step-1: First of all, Open your native message app from your IOS device, and make sure you have an active internet connection when you do so.

iPhone native message app
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Step-2: After this, you’ll see numerous conversations from your past. Pick one that you would like to play with.

Pick the appropriate conversation
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Step-3: Once you do that, you can see a message interface appear, In the bottom, next to Next Box, You’ll see the App Store icon. Click that icon to proceed further.

App store icon on imessage
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Step-4: After you do that, Many options will appear from the following App Store icon.

App store icon
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Step-5: Once you do that, the App Store message window will overlay. Click on the Search Icon on the top-right side of the corner.

App store search icon
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Step-6: Enter Game Pigeon inside the search box and click on the Enter button.

Step 7: Now, you can click on the download button, And let the app be installed on your device. If you are doing this first time, You’ll see a ‘Get’ button, And when clicked upon, it will ask for your Apple credentials to provide the same to continue.

How to start & play the 8-Ball game on your iMessage with your contacts quickly

After you have downloaded the GamePiegon app, you can easily play the 8-Ball game with your friends. You can follow the below instruction to do so.

Step-1: Open the Messages app from your mobile phone to play the game with your contacts.

Step-2: Now, choose the person you want to play the game with. If not, click on the compose icon on the top-right side of your screen.

Choose the person 8 ball on imessage
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Step-3: After you are inside the conversation section, Click on the App Bar, From the top of your keyboard, and then scroll to the side. And here, you have to click on the ‘GamePigeon’ icon to show all the games.

Click on game pigeon icon
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Step-4: From the given options, click on the 8 Ball games to start playing the same on your iMessage.

8 ball play the game
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Step-5: After selecting the game mode, you will have two options, ‘8 Ball’ and ‘8 Ball +’. The latter one doubles the number of balls that you can play with. It means that the games would go longer, So if you are in a rush, just let the default one stay.

8 ball game play mode
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Step-6: Now, choose how hard you want the game to be. The default is normal, but you can change it to complex. With the difficult one selected, you won’t get assistance aiming the ball.

Step-7: You also have an option to change and customize your cue from the game mode itself. Although, Through the in-app purchase, you can unlock any number of customization as you wish so.

Step-8: Now, you can enter any message you want to use, ‘Let’s play 8ball’. Once you do that, click on the send button, and your request will be sent to the other person.

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