How To Pay For OnlyFans Without Credit Card in 2023

how to pay for onlyfans without credit cards

OnlyFans uses CCBill as their payment system, it’s a well-known payment processor. As OnlyFans only accepts debit and credit cards of some of the famous Payment Networks, but here in this article, we will talk about ways to pay for OnlyFans without credit cards.

The simple way to spend for OnlyFans without a credit card is to use any Virtual Debit or Credit Card.

Alternates such as Apple Pay or PayPal aren’t available for OnlyFans.

Here’s How to Pay For OnlyFans Without a Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card For OnlyFans

Virtual Credit Card It’s not in physical form, but it’s a virtual card, which you can use for virtual/online payments. People also use virtual cards for privacy factors, as it’s not associated with banks.

Virtual Credit Cards are also known as temporary cards or disposable cards.

The good thing about virtual credit cards is they are ready in minutes and you can apply them online, with the least information.

How to Apply For Virtual Credit Card

There are many websites and apps that provide a virtual credit card, one of them is is only available to US Citizens, and another website supports internationally.

Although you should search for a website that offers, virtual debit cards for your country, just google – Virtual Credit Card + Your Country’s Name.

Steps to Apply For Virtual Debit Card

Go and Sign Up at

Then, Select Your Funding Type – Debit or Bank.

Select your funding type page

Once You Link Your Funding Source, You Can Tap on Add Card, then Tap on Connect Funding Source.

Tap on add new hard and tap on connect a funding source

You Can Here Customize Your Card, Giving it a Nickname, Logo, and Spending Limit.

Set spending limit image

But, if everything is free, how will they earn.

Actually, not everything is free, you’ll be charged a small amount on every transaction you made using the card.

So, for every transaction you do with this virtual card, you’ve to pay a small amount of transaction fee, you can also check out their other pricing plans – Privacy Pricing Plans.

OnlyFans Alternate Payment System

Rather than credit or debit cards, OnlyFans also has an alternate payment system, which might be convenient for some of you.

On OnlyFans, go to Payment Option, and you’ll see Alternate Method, click on it. Then, Tap on Add Alternate Method, here you have to choose your country’s name from the list. If your country’s name isn’t on the list, that means OnlyFans doesn’t provide an alternate payment method to your country.

After that, click on Next, then choose an alternate payment method, until now OnlyFans has only one alternate payment service – AstroPay.

To use their alternate payment service, you’ve to sign up for an account in AstroPay.

So if you’re comfortable with AstroPay, you have to make an account here, fund that account. Then, from the AstroPay, fund your OnlyFans Wallet.

That’s how you can spend for OnlyFans Premium Subscription without a need for a credit card.

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FAQ – How to Pay For OnlyFans Without Credit Card

1. Can You Use Apple Pay or PayPal on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans doesn’t support payments from PayPal or Apple Pay. However, instead, you can use your credit and debit cards. Maybe, in the future, they’ll connect PayPal and Apple Pay to their Payment Network.

2. Is it Possible to Use OnlyFans Without Paying?

No, you need to pay for premium content on OnlyFans. To use the premium features of OnlyFans, you need an account that has access to premium content. To access it free, you need login details of the premium account, you can ask out your friends.

Other than that, the internet is filled with fake methods that claim that they can provide premium content for free. 99% of these types of websites are just fraud.

3. OnlyFans Payment Method in India

OnlyFans doesn’t support Indian payment systems such as RuPay Debit Card, UPI, IMPS, or RTGS. Nor do they support any Indian payment apps such as PhonePe, Google Pay or PayTM, etc.

Any Indian can use Visa, Mastercard debit card and credit card, or AstroPay to pay for OnlyFans.

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