How to get rid of the message that ‘Your PS4 application will suspend in 15 minutes’?

Feature Image- How to get rid of the message that 'Your PS4 application will suspend in 15 minutes'

There are a few errors that are irritating and also annoying. Can we even fix the PS4 application suspending in fifteen minutes’ error?

If you are a PS4 user or a hardcore gamer, you might have seen a few errors.   In general, the one error that causes the most irritation is that the PS4 application suspending in 15 minutes.

If you are playing the game, this message is enough to panic you. Why not? You are paying to play the game right? So what are the specific or real reasons behind this error? And how can we solve this error?

We are here to help you with all the answers!

Two Reasons behind the ‘PS4 application suspending in 15 minutes’ message

#1. Stability of your internet-

While playing on PS4, your internet has to be stable. There should not be a high ping or packet loss. This will hamper your gaming experience.

#2. PS4 console is unable to verify your console

Sometimes due to server issues, you will face this error. There are instances when the servers of sony are down. Though it rarely happens, it is still a possibility.

Your account is not set in the primary console which is hampering to cache your license-

In case you are not using your primary console, you will see this message. If your account is set as the primary console, it helps to cache data and license quickly.

How can we resolve the error PS4 application suspending in fifteen minutes?

There are a few ways which should surely resolve your problem.

#1. Check your internet connection-

Internet connection has to be stable. If you are facing issues with Wifi, try using a wired connection. Plug an ethernet cable into the back of your modem and connect it to your PS4. A wired connection is way more stable and faster than a wireless one.

#2. Ignore the error message-

Sometimes ignoring the message is the best thing. There are a few glitches in every technology. And most of the technology comes with issue-resolving capabilities. So give it some time, it might just fix itself.

#3. Set your account as the Primary console-

Setting your account as a primary console will make it easier to cache your license. It will directly connect to the sony server and cache your license in no time.

#4. Try restarting your PS4 and router or modem simultaneously-

This is basically known as a ‘Full System Restart’. A full system restart will surely take care of all the glitches, bugs and lags.

Once you are able to try this, you should surely enjoy your service uninterrupted. Also, the ‘PS4 application suspending in 15 minutes’ message should go away.

Try these tricks and if you still face issues you can always connect to the manufacturers. Manufacturers have to resolve your issues either by sending a tech or by troubleshooting.

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