What to do when your Xfinity Wifi is connected, but there is no internet access?

Feature Image: What to do when your Xfinity Wifi is connected, but there is no internet access

Of course, one of the most popular home internet service providers in the US is Xfinity. But what to do when the Xfinity Wifi is connected but there is no internet access?

Xfinity is one of the largest home internet and cable providers in the United States. Right from the Northeast Division to Central America, to The West, Xfinity provides its services. It was only possible for Xfinity to cover such areas because of the parent company Comcast.

Comcast has been serving the US with cable TV services for decades. And when the internet hit the market, Comcast brought Xfinity to fulfil internet requirements as well. Do you know? Xfinity is one of the most reliable cable TV and Internet service providers in the US.

So there are no brainers that millions of customers depend upon Xfinity for the internet. In the post COVID world, the need for the internet is more than ever. Also, this states that there are also customers who face issues with it.

It could be a hardware failure or an infrastructural issue. It can also be just simple software or even settings problems many times. Xfinity has provided many resolutions and ways to resolve such issues immediately.

By the way, our topic today is what to do when Xfinity wifi is connected, but there is no internet access.

What are the reasons when Xfinity internet is connected, but there is no internet?

#1. Infrastructural failure-

Many areas in the United States are prone to heavy winds, rain and snowfall. So sometimes if the cables which bring the service into the house get disturbed, you might face issues. Also sometimes due to yard work or huge trucks on the road can break the wires.

#2. Outage in the areas-

If you use Xfinity, they usually have technical outages in many areas. These outages can well be the reason for temporary internet failure.

#3. Modem too old-

If you are using an XB2 or XB3 modem, you might face issues. Also sometimes even XB6 and XB7, which are the latest modems, have some issues. Also if your modem is getting too hot, you will face such kinds of issues.

#4. Coax cable not tight and secured-

The coax cable is one that screws in the back of your modem. While the other end of that cable will be screwed in the wall or a splitter. In case the coax cable is not tight, you will face issues with the internet.

#5. It’s been a while since the last reboot of the modem-

In case you have not restarted your modem for a while, these issues will happen.

#6. Your boot file is not correct or not active-

There is an important boot file that varies from plan to plan. It has to be active and should match your current plan in order for the modem to pass the network.

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What are the ways to fix this issue of Xfinity wifi being connected but no internet?

#1. Check all the cables behind your modem-

Check if the coax cable (the one that screws in) is right or not on both ends. Also, check if the splitter is also tight.

#2. Check the lights on your modem-

For XB2 and XB3, you should get the power, upstream/downstream as well as the online light steady. While the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz should blink.

For XB6 and XB7, it should get a white solid light on the top in front of the modem. This is the indication that the modem is online. While the orange light indicates that the modem is offline. Greenlight is the indication that the modem is trying to connect to the network.

#3. Restart your modem-

Even though it is an electronic device, you still will have to give it some rest. Take out the power cable from the back of the modem. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and replug it. This will keep the modem fresh.

#4. Replace your modem if it is getting too hot-

If the modem is hot to touch, go ahead and replace the modem from the Xfinity or CSC store. These replacements are absolutely free of cost for postpaid users. Make sure that you are placing your modem in an open space. If you keep it in a cupboard, it will not be able to ventilate. This might cause accidents at times.

#5. Check the Outage map-

You can check the outage map through your app. Also, many times customers receive notifications about outages.

#6. Use the Xfinity My Account App-

To check the speed and boot file of your service, use the Xfinity My Account App. You can do various things through this app. Also, you can troubleshoot any issues yourself. In case your boot file is incorrect, the app should be able to correct it.

#7. Contact the 1800 Xfinity number for further assistance-

In case you are done with all the above troubleshooting and still facing issues, you can call the 1800 Xfinity number. You can also initiate a chat on your Xfinity app. The representatives will try to troubleshoot it once and then will generate a Trouble call. A trouble call is basically a request for a technician to visit. Once the Trouble Call is in the circuit, you will receive a call from the Advanced technical support team. These are highly equipped professionals who can try to resolve your issues.

#8. Let the technician handle it-

Once the advanced technical support team has done trying, they will confirm the appointment. After this, the best you can do is wait for the technician to arrive and resolve the problem.


You can try all the above troubleshooting steps and that should correct simple issues. These are basic things but are way effective in resolving problems. In such issues where your Xfinity wifi is connected but there is no internet, you can use substitutes. Xfinity has installed hotspots for its customers throughout many areas. If you can find one, you should be able to log in. And enjoy that until your internet gets back up.

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