How to stop someone from recording your calls?

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Of course, It’s your right to stop someone from recording your phone call. Here is everything you need to know about how to stop someone from recording your calls!

Call recording is one of the various features you can use these days. The modern telephone and smartphones usually have this feature built-in. But for a few devices, you might have to download a third-party recording application.

Call recording is basically the feature of recording incoming or outgoing calls. Many people like to have a recording of what they spoke. Mainly because they might need to listen to it again. Also sometimes because people have the habit of forgetting. So recording in such cases might just come in handy.

Huge companies like telecom service providers and insurance companies record calls. But before doing that they have to make sure that the customer knows about it. The act of recording calls without the consent of the other party is illegal.

So how can you know or stop someone from recording your call? In what circumstances the call can be recorded?

Is recording calls legal or illegal?

Call recording is not illegal, and that is the reason you have a call recording option on your phone. But according to the laws of almost every state in the United States, disclosure is mandatory. You have to provide a call recording disclosure to the other person on call. Unless and until you get their consent, you cannot record their call. Otherwise, the recording will be considered a theft of data and a threat to privacy. This is a punishable offence by law.

In what circumstances call recording is fine?

In circumstances where the government or police have interest, call recording is fine. If you are a suspect of criminal activity, the government employees can record your calls. They can listen and accordingly act on the data. For such calls, consent is not mandatory.

For companies such as telecom and insurance, call recording is fine. But there is a condition that a call recording disclosure is important.

Can you stop someone from recording your calls?

Yes, you have all the right from stopping someone to record your calls. Practically you cannot stop someone because you do not have access to their phones. But you can tell the other person not to record. If you are speaking to a friend or relative, it should not be a problem.

What to do if someone records your call without your consent?

In such scenarios, you can reach out to your attorney. Provide the details, ask them if you have a good case and proceed. Recording calls without consent is a punishable offence by law. So you can actually force the other person into prison or at least fine. Also, the other person will have to provide compensation for your inconvenience.

Data leakage or breach is a serious issue. There are a number of laws protecting data and privacy in the interest of citizens. Check those out with your lawyer and try not to provide unnecessary information to anyone. Especially your credit card or debit card details.

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