How to get money off netspend account without card?

How to get money off netspend account without card

You can get money off from Netspend without a card. you can try the following methods, creating a virtual account number, and adding a Netspend card on PayPal, Cash App, and Google Pay.

All ways to get money off Netspend account without a card

4 Methods to get money off Netspend account without a card

If you are a Netspend user and want to get money off from Netspend but do not have a card with you. You are at the right place. Here we will discuss how to get money off your Netspend account without a card. Some will say it is not possible. But with NetSpend, This is possible and not only one there are many different ways to do this. So, you can use your Netspend account without the card. Let’s know about this more.

What is Netspend?

As a matter of fact, We all know that NetSpend is a prepaid debit card. This card allows you to link your bank account and you can pay via this account anywhere. Netspend also has an mobile app called netspend app. Netspend users have to install this app on their phones to create an account on this platform. This is the only prepaid card that allows withdrawing money without a physical card. There is a service called Netspend that allows you to transfer funds from one account to another without getting into any trouble.

How To get money off the Netspend account?

There are plenty of ways to get money off from Netspend pp without the card. Some of them are as follows:

  • By transferring money to the cash app
  • Generate virtual account number
  • Connect net spent with PayPal
  • Get a check

Let’s know about it in a little detail for your understanding.

#1. By transferring money to the cash app

Transfer money to the cashapp

With the NetSpend debit cards, you are able to transfer money directly to your cash app. Moreover, The Cash app allows accepting money from sources like prepaid debit cards and all. The process is the same as adding a debit card to the app. All you will need to add is the card number and CVV. you can then easily use this card even when you do it physically. It is used to pay bills and shopping etc. You can also use this for withdrawing money in cash. All you need to do is just fill in the details for once and you will be good to go.

#2. Generate virtual account number

This routing method is not the safest but still, most people use this. Because it is very easy and you can get off money from the NetSpend without any card. Hence this is the most followed method among all. You can generate up to 6 virtual account numbers from one online account centre. From this number, you can accept and decline the payments. You can create this number from the Netspend app. The best thing about this number is that you can cancel this anytime as you have full control over this number. Most prepaid debit cards do not give this service. It is very unique and new. Hence people try this more.

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#3. Connect Netspend with PayPal

Link Netspend with PayPal

If you want to use PayPal with your Netspend card, here you can easily ink with Netspend with PayPal without getting any issues. This way you will not have to carry this card everywhere. Paypal will take 3  days to verify your detail. However, this is only the starting procedure because once PayPal will verify the info then you will not have to add the info again and again. You will need your Netspend account number to add to this platform. You can get this number from the Netspend app easily. Of course, We all know that PayPal is among the most used payment method. Hence it allows almost every type of card.

#4. Get a check

It is possible to withdraw money quickly using this method if you need it in a hurry. But remember you can only do this to close your account permanently. Hence it is like a one-on-one card that you will play in a very urgent situation. You will need to contact customer service for this method. They will provide you with the check. For that check, they will ask your account detail so do not hide anything from the. You can reach the customer service this number 1-866-387-7363. Their customer party services are available 24 hours 7 days a week. So you can reach them anytime.

Can you get the physical card from Netspend?

Yes, you can request the physical from the NetSpend team. You have to reach them to the customer care service and ask them about this. There will be some fees that you will need to pay for the card. They will deliver the card to your doorstep.


In conclusion, you can get money off from Netspend without a credit card Is very easy. In the digital world, very few people do payments by physical cards or cash. Hence NetSpend allows its customer to make payments without any physical card. Netspend is among the most used prepaid debit card.

Here are all the easy methods to get money off from Netspend without any card. You can follow these. In case of any trouble, you can reach out for customer care services anytime. Many apps allow the NetSpend card on their platform. So you can add your card on those platforms.

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