Know How to Change Payment Method on Spotify?

Know How to Change Payment Method on Spotify


Spotify interface to change payment method on spotify

Spotify is a music streaming app that carries out all forms of music for free. And to get some additional features on the app, users are required to continue with premium plans. However, many premium users have a complaint that they cannot change their payment methods. In this article, you will know How to Change the Payment Method on Spotify.

Spotify also mentions that if your plans are brought to you by any partner company, they manage the payments. So, the changes that you made will change from the next payment.

You can follow this guide to change the way you pay to Spotify.

Step-by-step Guide to Change Payment Method on Spotify?

Here is the step-by-step guide you need to follow to change your payment method on Spotify.

1. Sign-in on

In your web browser search

To change payment method on spotify - 1. Go to

Spotify hasn’t added the feature to change its payment method on the Spotify app. That’s why you need to search it on your web browser.

Let me make your work simpler- Go to

2. Log in to your Account

Now, log in with your ID, Password-

2nd Step to change payment method, log in to your account

See the directional arrow in the image, and you can log in to your account by clicking on it. But make sure you are using an account where you have purchased premium plans.

3. Go to your ‘Account’

Once you’ve logged in, tap on ‘Account’.

3rd step- Click on account

In Account, other than changing payment method, there are additional settings, that aren’t on Spotify App. Here, Spotify adds some extra settings, then your Spotify Mobile or Desktop App.

4. In Account, Scroll in ‘Your Plan’ Section

While you scroll down, you will get the ‘Your Plan’ Section.

4th step to change payment method is to scroll down to your plans section in
Image Credit – Candid Technology

After clicking on ‘Account’ when you scroll down, you will ‘Your Plans’ Sections. There you can change the payment method on Spotify.

5. Click on Update & Change Plan

Now you can change payment details by clicking on update!

5th Step- Click update and change the payment method
Image Credit – Candid Technology

So, this was how one could change the payment method; I have this article have clear some of your misconceptions. At the same time, the solution to this question was covered in Spotify’s support website but not clearly or in detail.
In this article, I have covered the topic in detail with a step by step, images.

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