How to fix the outlook working offline issue

How to fix the outlook working offline issue

To learn how to fix the outlook working offline problem

Microsoft outlook is one of the most popular software for office use. Many individuals work offline as well as online on this software. But people might face the “Outlook Working Offline” issue. This can be easily fixed with some methods. In this article, we’ll explore the outlook working offline fix. Microsoft applications are filled with features and their ribbons are immensely resourceful. But sometimes, Issues can occur with them while working offline. Because The software is not connected to an internet connection. And when you click on some button, All of your application can go rouge and will not respond. here are some simple fixes.

Outlook Offline and Online Uses

In the corporate world, Many companies prefer to use the Microsoft Exchange server for communication. Because this is very corporate-friendly and promises great privacy. So, When you launch the Outlook application on your computer. It will try to connect with your exchange server. To download any emails that you may have received.

At the bottom of the application, You can view the status of your current application. If it’s showing connected to Microsoft Exchange, This means you are connected to the mail server. But if the status bar is showing offline, You are not connected to the mail server. Sometimes, The status bar might show you disconnected instead of offline. This may indicate that your connection is there, But not sync with the mail server.

1) Enable Online Mode

Outlook has an amazing feature to work offline. This helps people involved with distraction-free writing And people that need a distraction-free environment to create emails. Click on the Send/Receive options from the ribbon, And locate the Work Offline mode in the extreme right of the ribbon.

The feature is available under the Preferences group. Some people intentionally or through mistake click on this button. What it does is, It disconnects you from the Microsoft exchange server. When you are offline, The following button color is grey. And when you are online, The color is normal. Just disable the Work Offline method.

2) Safe mode

If you have not enabled the Work Offline mode, And still facing the “outlook working offline”, And are unable to connect with the Microsoft exchange server. You can try this alternative method. We will open the outlook in safe mode for your system and then you can see if this might help. Opening outlook in safe mode rules out the possibility of added settings or some other problem.

  • Click on the Windows button + R to start the run prompt.
  • Once the run prompt dialogue box appears, Enter outlook.exe /safe and click ok.
  • Doing so, Will open outlook in safe mode
  • Find your profile and if needed enter your outlook password
  • Once you are in the safe mode, Now it’s time to check if the offline problem is solved or not.

3) Check and remove Add-ins

Open outlook and look for the file option, Click on the info. And locate Manage COM Add-ins, From the list. From here, You can look at all your Add-ins and check if any of them are making this issue. You can remove unwanted Add-ins one by one and can check if the problem is solved.

4) Internet

By this time, I am sure you would have found the outlook working offline fix. If not, You can try this method. Simply check if your internet connection is enabled or not. Sometimes, the culprit is one of the easiest to solve. If you have a Lan connection, Disconnect your system from the internet, and then connect back. You can physically remove the Lan wire from your computer and reconnect. If you have a Wifi connection, Go to Settings, Network, and Internet, and Forget the Wifi. And reconnect to the same connection. Doing so will fix your issue of Working offline.

5) Reinstall Outlook

This is the most extreme method. But if all the above method does not work you can try this one. Make sure you have the product key, In case, You may need after reinstalling the Outlook

  • Click on the Windows button + R together.
  • A run prompt dialogue box will appear, search for the control panel.
  • Open, Add or Remove Programs from the list.
  • Find Microsoft Office from the list of apps, Press on the change button, and wait for installer software to appear.
  • Click on the Repair or Reinstall option from the installer.
  • After installation, restart your machine and this will fix your outlook working offline issue.

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