How to fix outlook emails stuck in outbox


To learn how to fix outlook emails stuck in outbox

Of course, the outlook is the choice for many corporate users. But many times, Emails send from Outlook get Stuck, Hang, and sometimes even Crash. So, if you are one of those people going through the “outlook emails stuck in outbox” issues. Here are the some best advice/tips to fix this outlook problem.

1) Check for offline mode

If you are trying to send an email, And the following not able to get done. You might be offline. Not in the sense of internet connection, But not having internet on the application. office 365 email messages are sent and received through the Microsoft exchange server.

You need to be online, In order to connect with the server. Then, you can click on the Send/Receive option from the ribbon. And find the Work Offline mode, From here, You can enable or disable your online or offline mode. It doesn’t matter if you have an active connection If your offline mode is on. You won’t able to send Emails.

2) Check for Large Attachments

If you are trying to send extremely large attachments through email. This might slow down your email sending time. The mail server can only take a finite amount of information from one user. So getting delayed for large files are common. outlook data files are safe and encrypted through an exchange server.

This keeps outlook users away from people trying to hack or decrypt data from the user. For these reasons also the emails get a delay because of security reasons. Give it some time, Or send large files in pieces. Notably, You can use and archive theĀ  Zip/Rar files to compress the data to make it smaller in size.

3) Refresh Your Outlook

Although this may be true, you can refresh your outlook account to resolve the “outlook emails stuck in outbox” issue. Ask your network administrator if the passwords have been changed recently, And you are not aware of it. Many times when a user changes passwords, It does not reflect immediately on devices that have the current credentials.

Of course, it might take some sort of time before the update takes in action here. But what happens immediately is that you are unable to use the account to send an Email message to another account. And you’ll see that after sending an email, Your email is being stuck.

4) Check for Message Reconfigure

Recheck your Message Reconfigure options. Have you set a delay to send option in your setting. This means; The email will be sent after some time of posting. A lot of people do this when they are unsure about sending the email and want to update the email later. This could be a cause for you “emails stuck in outbox” issue.

5) Logout and Sign in

If all the above methods failed, And you are having error messages. And the email is still a headache for your outbox, then you must need to log out of the application. To send emails again, You need to sign-in back. Alternatively, You can go to the task manager and forced to close the running of outlook.exe in the background. This will stop the functioning of the application, And when you will open outlook with a double click your problem will be solved.

6) Try a New Device

Even after doing all of the above, You are still having the Microsoft outlook emails outbox issue. You need to sign-in your outbox problem account email-id and password on a new device first. You need to understand, Why the problem is presenting. If you are able to send and receive emails with the same outlook id from other devices without any trouble. Then there is a problem with your computer. You have to reinstall the outlook application on your machine.

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