How to make Gmail look like Outlook

How to make Gmail look like Outlook

Die-hard people from Microsoft Outlook Emails, this one is for you. There are companies that we run into companies who’re very interested and excited to take the opportunity into their hands and make sure that all the great features of Google platform are with them.

The only that is most hated off is when there exists a slightest idea of them deciding to drop their long-standing partner.

Today I am going to discuss the simplest of ways in which you can ensure some changes graphically and can make your Gmail more smoother and handy.

Of course the default of Outlook is always been in the horizontally separated format. It has files stored on the left which has a collection of messages next to it. The address chosen appearing on the top.

Luckily, Google launched a laboratory (labs are new apps contained in the gmail settings) named the window panel to give Gmail a similar look.

You can also download browser plugins to spice things up a bit, in addition to various official apps that you can allow from Gmail.

Plugins that make Google mail look like in Microsoft Outlook

Here are eight plugins in Chrome that help you make Gmail look like Outlook.

Plug-ins that makes G-mail look like Outlook:

When Outlook is your default email program, if you press a “mailto:” button, Windows will automatically open it. In reality, Outlook usually opens the “compose mail” window which encourages you to start with a blank slate.

When interacting via Gmail Account, it saves a ton of time and makes things much easier. It also attaches a key to your browser toolbar that enables you to use a Gmail email to forward web content.

For instance, you can give yourself an article you liked to read later or suggest it to a colleague. You may argue that with the improvements it provides, this extension gives a two-for-one deal.

Within Gmail, you may find a special sidebar that provides more specific contact information if you start a conversation with someone.

Only when the appropriate information is available through the resources of Google is this sidebar filled.

If no additional details are attached to the contact email of the person reaching out, the sidebar will simply be useless.


Rapportive allows you to use Gmail to populate that sidebar, which will help you manage your contact details.

As a matter of fact, it’s owned by two biggest companies, namely Microsoft and LinkedIn.

It includes innumerable useful information such as the LinkedIn Profile of the person whose contact has been stored, all the social connections that can be acquired and everything related to name and contact in Skype.

The extension here takes it a steep forward by making sure that you can add yourself notes and reminders that can only be seen by you.

This helps you to coordinate and monitor specific information that can help you interact.

Of starters, advertisers should make a note of why they have reached out to a particular person and which organization they are working with.


KeyRocket for GMAIL Extension Link:-

The best and most useful feature that has ever been introduced in Outlook is the use of shortcuts in hotkeys keyboard to do thinks quicker and faster.

Once you’re well aware of the hotkeys shortcuts, you can do any action smoothly without any hassle.

Gmail has similar characteristics, but some of the hotkeys are hard to discern, and the application specification can be confusing and lengthy.

This is where Key Rocket comes into play for Gmail. The extension will display suggestions as you use your email to do things.

These recommendations include hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.

Say, for example, you’re always opening a new window to compose. The extension will ask you only a few keystrokes how to do this.

The extension is free for Chrome, but a premium version is also available for other browsers.


Checker Plus Chrome Extension Link:-

There is a little advantage of using a third party software. You can easily let the app working in the background and you can still get all the news and get notified when any message arrives.

You can see updates no matter what you’re doing with the Checker Plus extension of Gmail, and you don’t even have to have Gmail open in a browser or section.

When some new thing comes out, a brief details will be notified.

Of note, Chrome’s newest releases have alerts available for different apps and services, so as an option, you can go that path.


You can set up and select signatures for each of your email accounts in Gmail, as with the initial Outlook.

The thing is, unless you’re competent with web design, they seem very dull.

The extension of Blade Signatures makes a very lively, beautiful and happy email signatures which actually are quite professional.

You may include an icon or private picture, homepage, social account, or personal contact data.


This tool for Gmail is not exactly an extension of the browser or an add-on.

Here are some of GMVault’s stuff you can do: back up emails remotely for offline connect.

Encrypt emails that have been saved to add protection.

Reset emails to any server via Gmail.

Connect and help the open-source network.

Customize the framework and guide.

On all systems, including IOS, Windows, Linux and more, Gm vault is free.

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