What to do when excel freezes {5 simple steps} Fix right now

What to do when excel freezes {5 simple steps} Fix right now

In our daily life, we usually try to maintain and schedule our work in a pleasant manner. To make our life and work easier and time-saving Microsoft introduced so many software. Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful and trusted among them. From multinational companies to startup, students, business owners use Microsoft Excel to store their data in a good manner. This not only saves our time you can find your required data easily. Sometimes we face several issues in excel some time excel freezes. In this article you will know what to do when excel freezes.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet introduced by Microsoft in 1993 that lets you store data in a sorted format. You can manipulate data by row or column. You can sort your unsorted data alphabetically or numerically. Even you can minimize and update your data day to data by following some simple steps.

Why  Microsoft Excel become so popular??

  • You can add a row & column easily when and where you need it. There is no limitation for the number of row and column addition.
  • Paste your data in one click
  • You can remove your duplicate data with just a few steps
  • It is easy to sort your data as your requirements.
  • You can also filter your data.
  • you can easily solve the critical mathematical problem using simple tricks.
  • By using auto fill function it is easy to fill others rows which are depended on each other.
  • The migration of one excel to another is easy.
  • Once you are done you can share your excel file to others to update & modify.

System Requirements

Though Microsoft Excel works in all environments. But to use the latest version of MS excel you need to fulfill some requirements like:

  • You must have a Microsoft Account.
  • If you are an Apple user you need to have an Intel processor on your Mac. If you have a PC/Computer then you must have 1.6 Ghz,2-core processor.
  • It works best on any Mac Os. In window it will be best if you have installed windows 10.
  • For better performance, you need at least 4 GB Hard disk on PC and 10 Hard disk on Mac.

How to install the latest Microsoft Excel

If you need Ms. Excel for permanent use, you have to purchase the office 365 subscription.

  • login to your account
  • Click install
  • Click install again
  • once the downloading is complete install office 365.
  • Find the ms excel from your system by searching “Excel“. Open it and enjoy it.

Note: **Before purchasing the paid version of office 365 you can use & enjoy their free trial for 1 month.

** You can install and use Ms excel in your smart phone. Go to the apple store (For iPhone ) & play store(For android) search for excel, download and enjoy.

Why Excel Freezes??

If you are an excel user and work daily on excel I hope you faced hang/ freeze while working with excel. There might be  so many reasons behind it but most common issues are :

  • You have not updated the Microsoft Office to the latest version.
  • Your antivirus is not up to date.
  • You are working with so many excel sheets together.
  • The issue regarding your excel file content.

what to do when excel freezes??

Open Excel in safe mode

Sometimes auto startup applications interfere with Excel and due to these reasons Excel freezes. If you open excel in safe mode you can fix this issue.

How to open  Excel in safe mode?

  • by holding windows key, press R and open Run command prompt.
  • Type Excel-Safe and then press enter.

I hope the Excel issue is fixed. If not then follow these steps :

  • Select the file and the option
  • Then after select Add-ins
  • from Manage drop-down menu select Excel Add-ins
  • select go
  • if you found any item checked unchecked them.
  • select ok.
  • now close excel and open it normally.

Issue Regarding Antivirus

Sometimes antivirus conflicts the Excel. If your antivirus is not up to date your excel will freeze. So always update your antivirus.

You can stop the antivirus protection to check whether the issue is regarding antivirus or not.

Install the latest Microsoft Office

Make sure you are using the latest version of Microsoft office .if not Update it to fix the excel issue.

Open an Office app (word/ excel) go to file and then Account.

Under the product information select update option and select update now.

Check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Repair Excel

If your excel is not responding or hanging you can try Microsoft repair. To solve the issue.

  • Firstly, open your control panel then select program and features.
  • Then find out Microsoft office and right-click on it.
  • select change
  • from the pop window selects the quick repair
  • select repair.

This process will take some time. when the process is completed check whether your issue is fixed or not.


if the above mention all process does not work for you then try this Re-install method. Due to some path error or a functional error we face issues in excel. So as a solution you can just perform a selective startup or uninstall your Microsoft office and then reinstall it from the beginning. Your issue will be fixed.

Alternative of Excel

Microsoft’s office is much more expensive. If you don’t have enough budget then it could be difficult to afford Microsoft office. So you can use some of the excel alternatives to continue your business for free or a little bit of investment. The trouble you have to face is you can get lots of advertisements if you choose free alternatives.

Here 5 alternatives of Microsoft Excel which are similar to Microsoft Excel:

  1. Google sheet
  2. WPS office spreadsheet
  3. Microsoft Office Excel online edition
  4. Apache open office
  5. Libre office

all of these works very much similar to Microsoft Office Excel. But some of them may required a stable internet connection to update or modify the data. You will not get total access as you can do in Microsoft Excel but if you don’t want to invest than these alternatives work very well.

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