How to fix the iPhone black screen of death

How to fix the iPhone black screen of death

For your iPhone black screen of death occurs due to so many reasons. It could all be narrow down to two things, Hardware malfunction, and Software problem. If your phone has felt from a height, Or fallen into the water. This might be the case of hardware failure but i am not sure. In this case, The only solution and best way for you is to reach the service center of the iPhone. You might still follow along with this tutorial, But chances of your device recovery are slim. But on the other hand, If your phone just went black without any physical reason. This may be a case of software malfunction, And with a few steps, you can get back your iPhone to work.

Different ways to fix your iPhone black screen of death

If you are using a newer iPhone that does not have the home button. You need to follow a different method, And iPhone that is older and has a home button has a different solution. Our last goal is to fix the issue that would require to Hard reset your phone. This way all the malfunction of your software will be set back to their original state. But before that, We will try other methods that don’t delete your data.

How do you end up with an iPhone black screen of death?

Apps that are unsafe, or Hijacked by some virus on your phone. Might making this suspicious activity. If you have noticed your iPhone is getting stuck or being slow booting up, It may be because of your recent installed apps.

You can either uninstall them or if they are default apps disable them. This will solve your problem instantly. But if you are one of the unlucky ones, And your iPhone screen does not boot even after waiting for long time then you need to walk the extra mile for the solution.

Method-1: Restarting your iPhone

If your iPhone is stuck because of some small bug or minor hardware issue. A simple restart is what needed to get your iPhone to be working again. But in this case, You are stuck on the black screen; And do not have the option for restart like how you are used to. Difference between a Restart and a Reset.

Before you jump to the extreme end and reset. Doing a restart is a better idea. In reset, You delete all your files and data on the phone. And on the other hand, In restart as you would know, You only boot your phone after Shutting it down. Follow the below steps to do a quickly forced restart.

1) Gently press the Volume Up and release after a few second

2) Gently press the Volume Down and release after a few second

3) Lastly, Press and hold the power (newer phone) / home (older phone) button and release when you see the Apple logo

Kept holding the power button continuously as long as the apple logo appears on your iPhone Screen successfully. Sometimes, It takes only a few seconds(less than 30 seconds) and sometimes you need to hold for about 30 seconds.

Once, You are able to restart your phone. And now I am sure you can access your iPhone without any trouble. Removing all the possible apps you think might have caused the issue. You can also install a virus checker app that might help you with the following.

Method-2: Restarting your iPhone While Charging

It might happen that your phone does not have the ability to boot because of power. Many people have fixed their black screen of death problem for their iPhone using this trick. You need to follow the exact same method of the forced restart as mention above, But while charging your device. This simple method might save your day.

Method-3: Using iTunes to Restore your Phone

If you are still facing the issue after trying the above methods. You can use this trick to fix your “iPhone black screen” issues. This is used by people that have some good knowledge about what they are doing. Unless; You are absolutely done with other methods you can try this one.

For this trick, You need to have a computer, Windows or Mac, It needs to have iTunes installed. If you have storage, back up your phone in case of some mishap. Now, You must need an appropriate cable to connect your iPhone for your Computer/Laptop. Once, You are all set you can follow the below step.

1) Gently press the Volume Up and release after a few second

 2) Gently press the Volume Down and release after a few second

 3) Gently press and hold the power button (newer phone) / home (older phone), After a few seconds, you’ll see the connect to iTunes option. The important thing is you don’t release the volume button even after you can see the Apple logo. Because; You need to visit the recovery mode of your device.

 4) After doing the following, You’ll able to locate the recover and update option.

 5) Give priority to update and click to update your phone to a newer version. In case that’s not available, You can choose the restore option.

Let, iTunes does its work and after 20 minutes it will automatically install new software on your mobile phone. Don’t panic! This iTunes restore method will not delete your personal data’s and all.

How to hard reset your iPhone to fix the black death issue

1) Have sufficient charging on your device, Keep for charging for at least 2 hours.

2) Hold the home and power button for a couple of seconds.

3) After some time release the power button, But keep holding the home button.

4) After a few seconds, Release the home button.

5) Now, You can do the Hard Reset.

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